China & World

China & World

This blog is about China and its tryst with poverty.

China went through rapid reforms in 1970’s to uplift 50% of its population out of poverty. It ate voraciously on its natural resources, mostly creating manual labour employment. Now the situation is, it has got limited natural resources, 50% of the population above poverty line or middle class, but still dependent on natural resources. And then off course, the remaining 50% of the population under poverty line which are in need of natural resources & upliftment.

China is stuck with environmental problems, lack of innovation and is also a country which is being rapidly divided into two (the rich and the poor). The world has constant natural resources, so this problem wont go away. Only innovation can solve the problem of China, till then its going to be a tough ride.

This case would be true for all countries in the World (and was always true earlier too), including India and America due to limited natural resources, languishing poverty and lack of innovation.

Hence, the only thing important in China and World would now be innovation.

Caution: This might be all theory

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