Culture & India

Culture & India

Earlier Nature was abundant and there were only a handful of people in India. Hence one could indulge in leisure, food and other activities, exploiting Nature. As the population grew, people (Politicians, Businessman) started controlling the masses through various instruments like i.e Culture, Religion, Languages besides work.

As innovation dipped and so the Nature with it, languages and religion started quickly disappearing in India. Work and English became the only common language throughout the country. We even had to get foreigners to do our work (let it be innovation in high-tech industries, construction or any other industry in the World)

So, is all the theatre of language, culture & religion now a show of money in India? Will all the culture disappear in India, and we going back to be the slaves of British and Americans?

Exception: Movies in India (May be!)

Caution: This might be all theory

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