Society and Machines

Society and Machines

This is a blog about all of us, the machines we build, and the Societies we live in.

‘Poor Societies’ produce ‘Poor Quality Families’, ‘Poor Quality Families’ produce ‘Poor Quality Students’, ‘Poor Quality Students’ produce ‘Poor Quality Workers’, ‘Poor Quality Workers’ produce ‘Poor Quality Machines’ [cars, computers, cakes and more]. Again to close the loop, ‘Poor Quality Machines’ in turn produce ‘Poor Societies’.

Nature provides the infrastructure to Societies to invest in themselves to produce better machines, in turn which would produce better Societies in the future. Developing countries likeIndia, Africa and China all have depleting ‘Natural Resources’ and hence are leading to poor Societies. Even developed countries like America have theirĀ ‘Natural Resources’ depleting, leading to a poor Society after the upturn in the last century.

As we produce poor machines leading to poor societies, are we all on a death path, with Nature going away?

Caution: This might be all theory

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