The Nature of War: 2011

The Nature of War: 2011

This blog is to study how peace and war is evolving in the World over the past few centuries.

World War I & II was very explosive with millions of people dying in a few years time. It was fought all over the World with European & American nations looking for a pot of gold for themselves.

The technology has much evolved since the early 20th century, and hence World War III is & would be more discreet with small impacts (but in much more quantities with the same impact as that of World War I & II) to countries, people and machine. It is being fought over the World and in space too with different countries looking at a pie of Universe and perhaps a place in the future too.

However there is loss to the Universe in terms of Nature quickly evaporating, diseases in human beings and permanent damage to Nature’s ecosystem. There is a risk of extinction too in the past (Animals), present (Human Beings) or the future (Aliens), as in the case of Dinosaurs.

Caution: This might be all theory

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