What is Life?

What is Life?

What is Life? Has it been conquered yet? There are very active claims of life forever. The Holy Grail. The Magic Cup and so on. So, is life conquered or are there still unchartered territories?

Life usually proceeds in the following way with a few probable exceptions where intermediateor last steps jump to produce the beginning and last steps:
Nothing –> Nature –> Luck –> Courage –> Friendship —> Like —> Love -> Mood -> Will -> Philosophy -> Art -> Science -> Technology -> Business -> Food -> Future Life —> Nature

There are two claims:

The Future: The Future announces life is conquered and everything is static. Mostly. One can probably travel to the future with the help of ‘Time Travel’ and find out what lies ahead in the future.

The Past: The Past says life is unconquered and is dynamic.

The following claim is being discussed:

And the two meet at the present. So there seems to be a twin reality of life being static and dynamic at the same time.


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Caution: This is all theory

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