The Story of the ‘Youth of India’ and the “Ticket to West’:Part III (The Trade of India)

The Story of the ‘Youth of India‘ and the “Ticket to West’:Part III (The Trade of India)

Introduction to India’s Trade

India with 1/7th population as compared to the World, has 1/100th the trade of the World. The Ration of the output of an Indian citizen to that of World citizen is of (1: 700).

India’s Trade: (All figures approx in $)

Diamond Trade         : 200 billion
Textile Trade           : 200 billion
IT, BPO                  : 100 Billion
Oil, Gas & Natural    : 200 Billion
Farming, Agriculture : 200 Billion
Energy Sector        : 100 Billion
Bollywood Trade      :  50 Billion
Total India Trade     : Approx 1 Trillion Economy


The Indian Economy servers 50 million rich class ($450 Billion, 1000 Rs a Day), 300 million middle class ($400 Billion, 90 Rs a Day) and 650 million poor class ($250 Billion, 30 Rs a Day) in the country. Wealth distribution across India is at a ration of (30:4:1) for a population ration of (1: 6: 13) across India from rich, middle to poor class.

The Nature has reached the limit of supporting any newborns in India and it is deteriorating fast. Hence new forms of energy and its implementation is required pan India. Most of the Industries in India also have reached a saturation limit and can hardly grow any further except for Innovative Industries which have a share of 5% & grow at about 10% every year.

The Most Important Question in India

How are we going to start & replenish the Innovation Cycle in India?

Caution: This is all theory

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