The Sin of Gold

The Sin of Gold

Extreme concentration of greed in one place and need in the other place. Bipolar World of “Have’s & Have’s Not“.

Leads to redistribution to power and money. Power & Money gets transferred from all over the World to a chosen few. These few people then rule the entire World leading to mass slavery and rife within the World.

The Few keep on milking the golden horse till it is dead. The rest of them struggle and might find a new way. Then the power shifts from the previous few to the new few chosen people. And all this while, the masses keep struggling with their day-to-day task.

This leads to wild tribulations and extreme test of DarwinSurvival of the fittest and sometimes even leading to extinction of a race. The Sin of Gold.

Caution: This is all theory

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  1. Deepak Says:


    New Gene May Intensify Breast Cancer Growth (“All work and no play” can contribute to cancer)


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