The Individual and The Group

The Individual and The Group

The Group is fixed and assigned. It has already been given a purpose and all its characters abide by that goal. They cannot cross the thin red line ever.

The Individual is dynamic and unassigned. It is finding purpose and life for itself. The Group and the Individual rarely meet and whenever they meet, it results in a clash, evolution and then perhaps peace.

Individuals are needed for their different thinking, but why are Groups needed in this World. Can the “Groups” be replaced by Machine? It might also mean “Extreme case of Survival of Fittest: Charles Darwin“. And perhaps also in all this chaos, all our good old past (Old People) and future (Young people) may be lost in the groups we create.

Caution: This is all theory

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  1. Deepak Says:


    New Physics Research to Deepen Understanding of the Universe

    Survival and Emotion 🙂


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