In-House Technology v/s Foreign Technology

In-House Technology v/s Foreign Technology

As Science and Technology originates and shapes in Europe and America, poor countries like IndiaAfrica & China lack in developing In-House Technology and hence have to become slaves to the trade of foreign countries.

Computers and Internet Technology provided great new freedom in communication, work and home. As Asian countries lagged in Science and Technology, we became third-party vendors and body-shoppers for the West. And hence most of the Asians are becoming machine or time workers.

The thought now comes, since the West was far ahead in Science and Technology (“European and Israeli”), its technology is far superior. We can hardly neglect this technology. Even if we develop our own technology, it would take a hell lot of efforts and time. Offcourse there is a fair chance of it succeeding, but it might fail miserably too.

The question for all of us is “Should we risk and dare in new ventures & thinking which is very risky or become a slave for the rest of our life to the West?”. Off course, this shouldn’t make us stop consumers from buying foreign goods or the government to stop liberalizing, which would be counter-productive to Nature and everyone else too.

Param in India
A look at the World in their Quest for Survival

Caution: This is all theory

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  1. Deepak Says:


    Researchers Search For Basic Building Blocks Of Matter (Foreign Technology takes a leap in 1997)


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