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Europe Demystified

February 25, 2012

Europe Demystified

A very brief peek into Europe:

France: Handles the small and everything required inside

Germany: Handles everything on the land for Europe

Russia: Handles space

England: Manages the water

Scandinavian Countries: Manages the basic research for Europe

Caution: This might be all theory

The Fight for Domination in the Present?

February 24, 2012

The Fight for Domination in the Present on Planet Earth?

This is a blog about “Survival and the magic of Science in the past, present & the future”.

What would you do if  the Aliens come from the future and attack Earth? What if they play divide and rule, and attack different parts of Earth? Offcourse, they might have a valid reason of “Planet Earth” destroying “Mother Nature”.

Earth then would have threat from the Aliens and offcourse self-destruction due to the war of survival between different countries. This would create a terrible cycle of violence from the future for the domination of present.

What principles do we then base our human present and future?

1. Love
2. Peace
3. Fun
4. Excellence
5. Survival of the Fittest
6. Wealth
7. Aliens
8. Our Past Learnings

Caution: This might be all theory

Current Ownership & Politics in the World & Universe

February 23, 2012

Current Ownership & Politics in the World & Universe

This blog covers the masters of “Current Ownership & Politics in the World & Universe”.

Aliens: Complete Artificial Intelligence (Robots) working on the Universe on the whole, including the Planet Earth, sometime in the future.

China: Has pots of money but has a lot of poor population and increasing restless World for loans

Europe: Research center of the World empowering America & Business of the World

Greece & Israel: Thought

Russia: Largest Natural Resources & Space

Planet Earth: Business & Money

Caution: This might be all theory

What is Life?

February 21, 2012

What is Life?

What is Life? Has it been conquered yet? There are very active claims of life forever. The Holy Grail. The Magic Cup and so on. So, is life conquered or are there still unchartered territories?

Life usually proceeds in the following way with a few probable exceptions where intermediateor last steps jump to produce the beginning and last steps:
Nothing –> Nature –> Luck –> Courage –> Friendship —> Like —> Love -> Mood -> Will -> Philosophy -> Art -> Science -> Technology -> Business -> Food -> Future Life —> Nature

There are two claims:

The Future: The Future announces life is conquered and everything is static. Mostly. One can probably travel to the future with the help of ‘Time Travel’ and find out what lies ahead in the future.

The Past: The Past says life is unconquered and is dynamic.

The following claim is being discussed:

And the two meet at the present. So there seems to be a twin reality of life being static and dynamic at the same time.


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Caution: This is all theory

Economic India at 2012

February 20, 2012

Economic India at 2012

India looks to borrow hard cash, 10% of its GDP. It’s every 20 years after freedom. After 70 years of freedom, India has lost 40% of its country to foreigners due to lack of discovery and innovation.

Before 1991, loans & technology from Russia due to a closed Socialist Economy (20% Of India).

As the socialist economy collapsed with the disintegration of U.S.S.R, India had to Liberalize at 1991, which eventually resulted in a sellout to America (10% Of India).

Now we have reached a stage where only Europe can finance India. There is a proposal where India is looking for borrowing money (10% of India, mostly from Europe).

At this pace, India would be completely a country owned by West by 2030. We just have 19 years of freedom left with us until unless we innovate.

Caution: This is all theory

America and The World Around

February 20, 2012

America and the World Around

A one line description of, “What America thinks about the World around”?

South America: Godown of America

Africa: Nature’s Raw Materials

India: Opposite Country Balancing Ground (China or Pakistan)

China: Slave Labour

Japan: Use it as counter force to Europe

Europe: Business for Science

Space: Explore and Exotic Materials

America: One does not need to go outside of America to get anything. It comes to America.

Offcourse America is still the most democratic and fair country in the World.

Caution: This might be all theory

Energy Problem of World

February 20, 2012

Energy Problem of the World

This blog attempts to summarize the “Energy Problem we are facing in the World”. Our Earth consumes energy enough to send energy waves up to 10^18 light years (The Current End of our Universe, if one considers Energy as the parameter to measure) creating ripples across the Universe.

Energy Consumption of the World

The Energy usage in our World is as follows:
1. 40% in War (World War I, World War II, Cold War), Over Production & Wastage
2. 20% for Philosophy, Art, Science
3. 40% for Daily World Life

Where does it come from?

1. Oil, Other Natural Resources: 40% (Muslim Countries and Russia, It’s usage harms Nature the Most)
2. Nuclear, Solar and Other Clean Inventions: 55% (Europe & America) (It’s usage harms less as compared to Natural Resources, but risk remains for its stability)
3. New Energy: 5 % (Innovation across the World, It is yet to proven, very efficient, high risk)

Our World’s Population at 7 billion is soon exasperating all our ‘Natural Resources‘ and hence our only option is  ‘New Energy Initiative‘.

Caution: This is all theory

The Story of the ‘Youth of India’ and the “Ticket to West’:Part III (The Trade of India)

February 19, 2012

The Story of the ‘Youth of India‘ and the “Ticket to West’:Part III (The Trade of India)

Introduction to India’s Trade

India with 1/7th population as compared to the World, has 1/100th the trade of the World. The Ration of the output of an Indian citizen to that of World citizen is of (1: 700).

India’s Trade: (All figures approx in $)

Diamond Trade         : 200 billion
Textile Trade           : 200 billion
IT, BPO                  : 100 Billion
Oil, Gas & Natural    : 200 Billion
Farming, Agriculture : 200 Billion
Energy Sector        : 100 Billion
Bollywood Trade      :  50 Billion
Total India Trade     : Approx 1 Trillion Economy


The Indian Economy servers 50 million rich class ($450 Billion, 1000 Rs a Day), 300 million middle class ($400 Billion, 90 Rs a Day) and 650 million poor class ($250 Billion, 30 Rs a Day) in the country. Wealth distribution across India is at a ration of (30:4:1) for a population ration of (1: 6: 13) across India from rich, middle to poor class.

The Nature has reached the limit of supporting any newborns in India and it is deteriorating fast. Hence new forms of energy and its implementation is required pan India. Most of the Industries in India also have reached a saturation limit and can hardly grow any further except for Innovative Industries which have a share of 5% & grow at about 10% every year.

The Most Important Question in India

How are we going to start & replenish the Innovation Cycle in India?

Caution: This is all theory

The Story of the ‘Youth of India’ and the “Ticket to West’:Part II (The Foreigner’s View)

February 18, 2012

The Story of the ‘Youth of India‘ and the “Ticket to West’:Part II (The Foreigner’s View)

This is a bit of the ‘Foreigners View of India’ from my perspective.

What do Foreigners Think about India?

Foreigners mostly think, India like any other Developing Country or Third World Country should be the machine of the West in its quest for greatness.

Oldest part of the World. Can remind one of the Dark Ages or 15th century. Extremely Crowded. Quantity. Filthy. Last part of the World to visit.

What do Foreigners Need from India?

Foreigners are mostly looking out for raw materials from India. Period.

Natural Resources: Gold, Nuclear Material, Crops
Body Shopping: Man power for IT, BPO
History: Art, Books, Craft
Vacation: Goa

A Brief History of the View about India

Slaves to the West

Caution: This might be all theory

The Story of the ‘Youth of India’ and the “Ticket to West’:Part I (The Indian View)

February 18, 2012

The Story of the ‘Youth of India‘ and the “Ticket to West‘:Part I (The Indian View)

Nature in the villages has exasperated, it can no longer support the ecosystem of villagers, their trade and need. The youth of India is looking for a ticket to the cities of the country and then perhaps to the West.

The Education of India has always been of copying and mugging. And not that of self-reliance and innovation. Hence there are institutes which train you in basic English language and some technical jargon and arrange you to be transported to cities, where body shopping companies, IT companies and BPO pick and groom for mundane daily work and not that of innovation. Most of them end up in dark places of the cities working more than 18 hours and with odd timings.

Most of these youth kids end up disillusioned (95%), their body system does not regulate anymore, with no self-will and torn from their native homes forever. And with no purpose leading a daily mechanical life.

The villages lose their best young blood to the city and perhaps nothingness making them empty and barren. Only old folks and machines live in the villages leading to a complete loss in culture, self-reliance of India. Offcourse I haven’t written about 70% of India’s population which is not connected to the urban India at all and they face similar environmental challenge.

The cities are also turning into pure machine with no innovation. The whole net of India is hence a machine and body of the West. Our freedom for all of us probably won in 1947 is gone forever untill unless we innovate. How do we bring originality in India (Sam Pitroda) and hence make “India” a country and not just a part of the World.

Where do we begin? Education System? Companies in India? Courage within each of us to think new bold things? Implement them.

Caution: This is all theory