The Beginning of Universe: The Big Bang

The Beginning of Universe: The Big Bang

This is my scientific theory (Well Almost!) of “The Beginning of Universe: The Big Bang” from whatever I have learnt in my life.

Quantum Mechanics (Particle Wave Theory)

A particle can be a wave simultaneously. Light is made up of quantum particles called as Photon. They behave like Particles and Waves too.

Single Particle (Higgs’ Boson: The God Particle)

The current hunt is on in FranceGermany to find the God Particle “Higgs’ Boson: The God Particle“. This particle is assumed to be at the center of Universe and can link to all other particles in the World.

Single & Multiple Particle Together (No Higgs’ Boson: The God Particle)

Can the Upanishads (one state at once: Single Entity) combine with Quantum Mechanics (Many states at once: Multiple Entity)?

Perhaps yes. A single entity is connected to several other entities with String like dimensions or perhaps by Nothing and were created at once. You can arrive at the multiple entities by dividing the single entity. The several entities are a form or part of the single entity. They are flavors of the original in different form which can reproduce or mutate further to produce original like single entities.

“The East is East and the West is West, and they shall never meet”: Mark Twain might not be true anymore. They meet at the ‘The Big Bang‘ or the beginning of Universe.

Caution: This might be all theory

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10 Responses to “The Beginning of Universe: The Big Bang”

  1. ScienceDefined Says:

    I thought the Higgs-Boson created a Higgs field which gave all other particles mass. The field is always described as being like treacle, slowing down everything in its way.

    I don’t know about it being at the centre of the universe… The big bang theory pushes everything out to be all surrounding us. The big bang is an initial period of creation and expansion, but contained the entire universe, therefore, as we are in the universe, it surrounds us completely.

  2. Deepak Says:


    The Hidden Universe Revealed: The Discovery Of A New Population Of Distant Star Forming Galaxies Obscured By Dust


  3. Deepak Says:


    The Big Bang is understood by the human brain…


  4. Deepak Says:


    How Many Black Holes Are There In The Universe? (Scientist find out all the black things in our Universe to eradicate bad stuff probably…)


  5. Deepak Says:


    Physicists Uncover New Solution For Cosmic Collisions (Scientist find the way to holy grail, the origin of life)


  6. Deepak Says:


    Martian Life? Small Percentage Of Martian Soil Samples Could Have Biological Origin (Life at Mars…)


  7. Elderly Care Says:

    Elderly Care…

    […]The Beginning of Universe: The Big Bang « Love and Fearless[…]…

  8. Deepak Says:


    How Did Matter Come To Dominate The Universe?


  9. Deepak Says:

    Physicists Capture Unique Form Of Void, Enhance Understanding Of The Universe
    (Scientist create improved “Nothing”)

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