India & Innovation

India & Innovation

This is my personal account of my tryst with Innovation.

If the whole of India kneels (No Innovation!), what would it make of the people who disturb me in my activities. It takes 100 to 200 years to bring out an innovation set-up or perhaps very crazy people like Steve Jobs, Howard Hughes.

Suppose a country like America offers 100 trillion for me, would India accept it? 100 trillion would last India say 30 years of freedom from foreign rule. But after that we would be on our knees again. May be worse off. Easy money would usually spoil and rot the country (perhaps like me). We would be even more handicapped.

A few questions

Is Land more important than ideas? What if the whole Universe is just from a single particle, “The God’s Particle“, which might be a wave, as being found by FranceGermany?

Do I wanna live? Is it better to live 10 days as a slave or 1 day as a Lion?

Caution: This might be all theory

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One Response to “India & Innovation”

  1. Deepak Says:


    5 sectors in India that are hiring NRIs and expats right now (Everyone’s welcome to India. There would be no visas anymore just infrastructure problems)


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