Scientific Laws, The Human and the Environment

Scientific Laws, The Human and the Environment


Most of the scientific laws are by observations from the environment. People like Newton, Einstein observe phenomenon from their experiments and try to postulate them in theories.

However there are two variables: The Human Brain and The Environment. Both of which depend on the quality & perhaps change over time. So one must account in these laws a factor dependent on them too.


Newton’s First Law (Force = Mass * Acceleration) should become:

Force = Mass * Acceleration +- f(Human Brain) +- f(Environment) (Probably this is the same as what Einstein and the current scientist are stating: Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, String Theory, Supersymmetry)

Some other questions

1. Was Quantum Mechanics as a phenomenon present in 15th century? Light was present in the form of sunlight, from coal and trees. So if Plank or Einstein would have been present in that century, would they have been able to observe Quantum Mechanics? Or the Environment and Nature were governed only by Newton’s Laws?


f is a function which can be expressed in mathematical terms

Caution: This might be all theory

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