Who are “They”?


This is a very simple blog for the mavericks, the artist, the unproven, the person who believes to walk it alone. All said and done, this is not to undermine the people who build such people without which their existence would be impossible.

The Meat of the Story

They is anyone besides you.

It could be your parents, family, friends, neighborhood, surrounding Society.

It is a competitive world as “Charles Darwin” mentioned “Survival of the Fittest”.

Life starts with “They” and ends with them. You must provide value to them, or they will kill you. Some with the mug, some with the word and some with silence.

If your thought or style of working is very different, they work on you (One flew over cuckoo’s nest).

Some other tangential thoughts

They are also the people who give you momentum, whether you like it or not.  Then the quest is to find people who can swing with you

P.S: June 12th, They might be actually the opposite people, people who have been brought in order. Those who follow strict rules, never to disobey anyone.

Caution: This might be all theory

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4 Responses to “They”

  1. Deepak Says:


    Graphene: Supermaterial Goes Superpermeable (Now Graphene offers variety to us…it allows the water to go through)


  2. Deepak Says:


    Salman Khan to help free 400 prison inmates in UP (Bollywood star, whom I like a lot, gets generous in UP. Might be elections time, I guess, budget)


  3. Deepak Says:


    Dead dolphin tally reaches 81 on Cape Cod (Water gets angry and throws some of its inhabitants on land or mebbe the fish is trying to migrate to land)


  4. protruding Says:

    Hey nahi dut lerro bat jaregin eta esan dut | benetan bezalako zure gune . Oso | izan ditut Bilatzen bilatzen denbora pixka bat orain, eta denbora comment bote neutral baten i eta esan kaixo zen pentsatu dut.

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