Why Pharma Has To Open Up

Why Pharma Has To Open Up

This is a blog about Human Illness and the Pharma Industry. Millions of people die every year throughout the World due to illness like Cancer, AIDS, Malaria, TB and more. However the cure to these diseases remain with mostly developed nations (America, Europe) and a handful of companies and high net individual.

Negative effects of the closed nature of Pharma Industry on the World

1. Patents and Non Availability of Drugs to Other Companies and Poor Nations (India, Africa, China)

2. High Cost Of Drugs inhibit them bring distributed widely throughout the World keeping the illness alive in human kind

3. The Knowledge of Disease & Drugs is all hidden from the common man. Who inflicts the disease? What is the process of cure? Can it be prevented rather than cured?

4. Innovation of Drugs is restricted and it takes decades and sometimes centuries to find cure. i.e Cancer & AIDS

5. The business of Pharma Industry, medicine becomes a blind faith business resulting in the possibility of maximum corruption and wrong-doing. Overall, it is up to the “Have’s” to share with the “Have’s Not” the benefits of Pharma Industry.

6. Biological weapons have become widespread resulting in even more killing and Wars throughout the World.

Positive effects of the open nature of Pharma Industry on the World

1. Research for drugs can be more widespread resulting in innovation and improved Drug Solutions

2. More talent would be attracted to the Pharma Industry

3. Transparency like Open Source IT would result in less trials n tribunals in the Pharma Industry and more effective drugs

4. The positive and negative of the Pharma Industry in the wider human community would lead to prevention of bad habits that cause disease rather than cure. This in turn would improve the health of the entire human race.

Initially the Pharma Industry would be hesitant to open up due to the long durations of clinical trials and the process of development of drugs and medicine. But eventually the process would become cleaner, faster and more effective something like the evolution of IT Industry.

Caution: This might be all theory

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6 Responses to “Why Pharma Has To Open Up”

  1. Deepak Says:


    Use chemistry to solve problems of physics …going the reverse way…but be careful all the disease guranteed to be cured or problems to be solved will come back to haunt..this is temporary fix up…

    Computational Shortcut Speeds Quantum Chemical Calculations

    its something like calling a Pizza when you havent cooked at home…The Pizza will solve your hunger for the time being, but will add fat to your stomach and will make you lazy next time you wanna cook (since you cant always call a pizza from outside)…Great!


  2. Deepak Says:


    AstraZeneca suffers trial setback (Big Companies struggling to show effective medicines)


  3. Deepak Says:


    Drugs on the Internet…You dont need to do much to catch the bad guys!


  4. Deepak Says:


    A fight against Cancer (which reduces one to an animal)

    New Nanosensor Uses Quantum Dots To Detect DNA

    P.S: Since we are applying Quantum Technology, we never know if the sample of DNA taken out talks to the DNA inside the human being and plays around with the cancer inside the human. Mebbe that’s why most of the treatments have side effects which pretty much amount to the original disease…


  5. Deepak Says:


    Humans and Dogs interlinked by evolution and disease

    Chromosomal ‘Breakpoints’ Linked to Canine Cancer


    P.S: Society needs to be extra flexible while treating extra marital affairs, innovation. This only shows human race has saturated and is heading to extinction

  6. Deepak Says:


    French pharma groups face traumatic blows


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