David & Goliath: Part II

David & Goliath: Part II

This blog is the continuation of the earlier blog “David and Goliath” and is to study the nature of Human Beings: Aggressor v/s Underdog.

When the Society gives you opportunities to flower yourself, one takes up everything and leaves the underdog without any recuperation or rejuvenation. In short, the aggressor eats up everything during his wonder years and leaves very little for his old age, when its turn for someone else to take the torch.

If by any chance the aggressor ends up in another bigger battle (which is but natural) and looses, then the previous underdog will come and eat it along with the current Aggressor. Hence nature is cyclic: What goes up, comes down and what comes down would come up.

So next time you wanna bet your money, it wouldn’t bad idea to put your money on the underdog, even if you end up loosing it. In the long run, it might just come back to you in one or the other way.

Caution: This might be all theory

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3 Responses to “David & Goliath: Part II”

  1. Deepak Says:


    Using Gene Therapy to Prevent Heart Failure (If you are up against a giant fight, you will drain out all your energies and it might cause an heart attack explained in details by Science)


  2. Deepak Says:


    University of Florida Researchers Use Gene Therapy to Prevent Hypertension, Organ Damage (Now defeat the big man opposite by being cool…in a pill)


  3. Deepak Says:


    Classical Chaos Occurs In The Quantum World, Scientists Find (Scientist aim to link how the big affect the small with Scientific Theory. When your parents shout at you, can it result in your death. This theory probably can help Society to solve many of the problems we face in the Society like “people fighting over food, land, girls and perhaps many other things”. However it could be misused to incite fights into a particular part of Society, country, which could lead into ethics issues. @Home, you can come home from a good date and cook a particular recipe and check if it has come out good. And offcourse the reverse way. If you succeed, you can apply for a job with these folks 🙂 …or may be avoid cooking when you had a bad date)


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