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Science of Small Things: QM & ST

December 29, 2011

Quantum Mechanics and String Theory : Thought Experiment

This blog is about small things and about the scientific experiments on them. We can’t see them but they seem to play a very important part in our life: Light, Food, Water, Clothes and possibly everything we see around us. Science has made great strides in understanding the very basic construction of Life, Universe and everything around us.

This is similar to the “Double Slit Experiment” but it attempts to take it further in the thought experiment below.

In the Quantum Mechanics Experiment, if you fire a photon and there are observers which are kept at a distance apart which is less than the width of the photon. The photon would have to pass through it. If you can clamp the photon as it passes through midway, you could possibly catch the photon midway with half of it free in the forward direction and the other half in the backward direction. In effect, you would lock the present of the photon and free up the past and the future of it to do whatever it likes. The energy of the present state of the photon would flow into its past and future. In effect we would be able to study the present of the photon looking into its past and the future.

Similarly if you lock its past, one would be effectively be able to study its present and future with the energy of its past flowing into its present & future. And if we clamp the future, one would be able to study its past and present.

Similarly if we form an observer which is not 2 clamps but a circular string (String Theory), one would be able to study the quality of photon within the string of the particular radius. As you increase the radius of the circular string to infinity, one would be able to study the quality of photon in incremental steps till infinity, making it possible to etch out the complete photon.

Similarly, one could have multiple strings with different properties etching out its effect on the photon and its reaction to the same. This might further bring out the qualitative effects of the Photon in different states.

Caution: This might be all theory

The Three Foundations of Mankind: Philosophy, Art & Science

December 28, 2011

The Three Foundations of Mankind: Philosophy, Art & Science

The Three foundations of mankind (Philosophy, Art & Science) have a common thread from man, explained below :

The Allure of Philosophy

Simple Thoughts about anything and everything around. The wonder of a man is put into pen and paper

Expressions are applied to form junctions which expresses the thought into words

The words are applied to various situations of oneself and the environment. They are then further refined. The bad ones are tossed out of the window.

If this works, then this is what is called as philosophy (Most of the philosophers are a discarded lot) or it is discarded as an imagination of a crazy thinker.

And then wonderful applications follow: Art, Science, …

This is Philosophy! Simplified!

World’s Greatest Philosophers: Socrates, Plato, Spinoza, Freud, Voltaire, Kant

The Allure of Art

Philosophical or Art Thought about anything and everything around. The wonder of a man is put into pen and paper

Visual expressions are applied to form junctions which expresses the thought into colours

The visual expressions are applied to various situations of oneself and the environment. They are then further refined. The bad ones are tossed out of the window.

If this works, then this is what is called as art (For some it might take centuries: Van Gogh) or it is discarded as an imagination of a crazy artist.

And then wonderful applications follow: Architecture, Entertainment, …

This is Art! Simplified!

World’s Greatest Artist: Van Gogh, Piccasso, Michaelangelo, Shakespeare, Leo Tolstoy

The Allure of Science

Philosophical or Art Thought about anything and everything around. The wonder of a man is put into pen and paper

Mathematical expressions are applied to form junctions which expresses the thought into numbers

The mathematical expressions are applied to various situations around and checked if it works. They are then further refined.

If this works, then this is what is called a scientific theory or it is discarded as an imagination of crazy scientist.

And then wonderful applications follow: Technology, Wealth, Cars, Computers, Food…

This is Science! Simplified!

World’s Greatest Scientist: Newton, Darwin, Einstein, Heisenberg, Planck, Feynman

Philosophy: The Story of Philosophy: Will Durant
Science: ScienceDaily, NewScientist
Language: German, French

Caution: This might be all theory

World Crisis

December 26, 2011

World Crisis

The World consist of people from various spheres besides Nature. They can be classified in the following broad categories: Art and Talent, Perfectionist Business, Politicians and the Common Man.

The Art and Talent is 50% important to the sane working of World. They contain Philosophers (Socrates, Plato, Immanuel Kant, Voltaire) , Scientist (Newton, Einstein, Feynman, Heisenberg), Purist, Social Activist (Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi), Artist (Van Gogh, Picasso, Michelangelo) and others which keep the ethics and morality of the World together. Currently due to the increasing attraction to material wealth, most of them have migrated from thought to experiment which is short-term and perhaps different from the Nature’s Goal. Hence this class of people are reduced to 5% of the World as of in the 21st century from a healthy 40-50% from 15th century to 18th century.

The Perfectionist business (Google, Amazon, BMW, Mercedes, Lamborghini, Honda) is about 30% important to the World. They form about 20% of the World now with rapid degradation in the business climate across the World. America is in a crisis, Europe is limping ahead and off course the rest of the World continues tag these two frontier continents. 10% forms the rest of the business circle which cater to the common man.

The Politicians (50 powerful politicians of the World, Merkel, Obama, Sonia Gandhi) are required for administrating the World. They are 10% important but now form 30% share of importance of the World.

The Common Man is about 10% important to the World and they currently form 10% as before. No change. However their numbers have swelled from a billion a century back to around 7 billion as of now. This has a heavy tax on the rest of the classes.

The problem of the World is, it has lost all its art and talent to the amazing wealth creation of the Big Machine (England in the 18th century, Germany in the 19th century and America in the 20th century). People have been drawn away from creativity and sucked into the daily routine hour-to-hour work with no leisure and fun time which brings forth creativity in one leading to the World Crisis of today.

Let me add, the Big Machine and its apparent enslavement of people to drudgery and slave labour is not a fault of the West, rather it is more to do with the East. The rapid rise of population of the East (India, China and Africa) and its effect on Natural Resources made it absolutely imperative for the West to bring out mass production without a personal touch.

The Story of Philosophy : Will Durant
The Glimpses of World History: Jawaharlal Nehru
World and Peace: Leo Tolstoy

Caution : This might be all theory

Why Science & IT needs to be cleaned up?

December 19, 2011

Why Science & IT needs to be cleaned up?

There was a spate of discoveries in the 18th & 19th centuries leading to great advancement of Science. Both theoretical and practical. Scientist like Heisenberg, Einstein, Feynman laid down the fundamentals of Nature and what governs it.

This led to great advancement in the wealth of Europe and America after the Industrial Revolution of the British. Rise in scientifically applied technology applications like computers, internet rose the standards of living of entire Europe and America.

America’s rise brought great wealth to itself and also created the need for more applications from Science. Scientist all over Europe and America were drawn to this great circus of Science and its applications. However no one worked on the theory of Science or the fundamentals itself. Hence now it has become outdated.

An estimated $100 trillion dollars of environment of planet Earth and the surrounding Universe has gone wasted in excessive need and greed of man. Wars (World War I, World War II, Cold War) to wealth like (expensive cars, yacht, game) all have come at a cost of Nature and mankind.

We have gone into the future (which itself is changing) and borrowed high-tech applications from aliens for more greed and wealth (Time Travel). However we are yet to replenish the environment caused from the destruction of Nature required to create such wonderful applications.

This is leading to huge debts in countries like America and Europe. And off course the developing nations are suffering. The gap between the “Have’s” & “Haves Not” continues to increase every day. 1 out of every 3 American are poor and it has a $20 trillion debt hole. Europe is plunging into a debt hole itself with probably $15 trillion as a debt outstanding. China, India and Africa’s, half the population remains under poverty.

Science and IT needs to be cleaned up. All its fundamentals and its applications too. After Quantum Mechanics there is yet to be a theory which can explain Nature as beautifully Heisenberg did. All the scientist have been drawn away to the magic wealth creation of America into application away from theory. The currents applications of Science is more for maintenance rather than prevention and improvement. In IT alone, half the money spent on hardware & software is waste and spent on tricking the client to buy more goods.

Greed has indeed drawn away the philosophers, scientist, artist and technologist away from purity to a destiny where we will only end up destroying our past, present and future too.

Caution: This might be all theory

Ten Mysteries of Science Explained

December 19, 2011

Ten Mysteries of Science Explained

This blog is about the question from Scientific American “Ten Mysteries of Science Explained” and my thoughts on them.

1. How Did Life Begin?

After the Big Bang, the universe came to a constant. There were many molecules roaming around. They had to compete for space and time. So they either fused with each other or competed with each other. Die to this higher order molecules formed. And these molecules in turn competed for space & time. This kept on happening resulting in basic intelligence on whether to compete or fight. And hence life. From single cell molecules to advanced human beings. This can be easily recreated in vacuum or a lone space. Keep a young man and woman in a jail or something. They would come out with one more addition soon.

2. How Do Molecules Form?

Molecules form as explained above as life forms.

3. How Does the Environment Influence Our Genes?

Environment enables or breaks survival in all living organism resulting in some traits being enhanced and some being reduced. The next offsprings have these traits more pronounced in the DNA rather than the traits which are reduced.

4. How Does the Brain Think and Form Memories?

Ideas compete in the brain in a similar way as life competed to evolve. This competition gives rise to thinking from simple ideas to more complex joins of ideas. Constant thinking on the same idea makes the idea a permanent entity in the brain.

5. How Many Elements Exist?

Basically every element is made from the same basic element but in a different configuration. Hence unlimited elements exist in Nature.

6. Can Computers Be Made Out of Carbon?

Computers can be made out of any element as they are all made from the same particle.

7. How Do We Tap More Solar Energy?

As we discover the most elemental physics law (as of now Quantum Mechanics) we would be able to capture more of Light and hence Solar Energy

8 What Is the Best Way to Make Biofuels?

The best way to is create more natural environment like trees, plants, animals, natural ecosystem. Offcourse we can study them and recreate in lab and big machines.

9. Can We Devise New Ways to Create Drugs?

As we discover the most elemental physics law (as of now Quantum Mechanics) we would make better drugs. Offcourse we need good quality of scientist too.

10. Can We Continuously Monitor Our Own Chemistry?

Yes. If we concentrate on ourselves we can read our own chemistry without any outside drugs. It is called self-awareness. Offcourse for the weaker mind, there would always be tools and drugs to monitor our body.

Caution: This might be all theory

Network or Individual

December 18, 2011

Network or Individual

This blog introspects into the eternal question of man, “Is the network greater or the individual?”

The Case for Network

1. Network connects two or more individual living far away from each other (Telephone, Internet)

2. Can the man earn without the network? In fact can she or he live at all?

1. The Network might start manipulating the individual and its privacy (Facebook,  etc..).

The Case for Individual

1. What about the first individual which came to the World?

2. Without merit, would the network pay the woman or man?

3. What about the people who made the Society (Jesus, Galileo, Plato, Issac Newton, Einstein, Van Gogh)? Doesn’t the Society & Network exist because of them?

1. The Individual might hold the network at ransom (Nuclear Bombs, Terrorist attack of WTC and so on)

Overall I believe the Network and Individual is at a 50-50% balance with each other. Only for the very important individuals, the network comes to the individual. For all others they have to go to the network.

Talented women and men come once in a while, they cannot be wasted and there is yet to be a machine which can produce Van Gogh’s, Einstein, Socrates in abundance.

Caution: This might be theory

Why Pharma Has To Open Up

December 18, 2011

Why Pharma Has To Open Up

This is a blog about Human Illness and the Pharma Industry. Millions of people die every year throughout the World due to illness like Cancer, AIDS, Malaria, TB and more. However the cure to these diseases remain with mostly developed nations (America, Europe) and a handful of companies and high net individual.

Negative effects of the closed nature of Pharma Industry on the World

1. Patents and Non Availability of Drugs to Other Companies and Poor Nations (India, Africa, China)

2. High Cost Of Drugs inhibit them bring distributed widely throughout the World keeping the illness alive in human kind

3. The Knowledge of Disease & Drugs is all hidden from the common man. Who inflicts the disease? What is the process of cure? Can it be prevented rather than cured?

4. Innovation of Drugs is restricted and it takes decades and sometimes centuries to find cure. i.e Cancer & AIDS

5. The business of Pharma Industry, medicine becomes a blind faith business resulting in the possibility of maximum corruption and wrong-doing. Overall, it is up to the “Have’s” to share with the “Have’s Not” the benefits of Pharma Industry.

6. Biological weapons have become widespread resulting in even more killing and Wars throughout the World.

Positive effects of the open nature of Pharma Industry on the World

1. Research for drugs can be more widespread resulting in innovation and improved Drug Solutions

2. More talent would be attracted to the Pharma Industry

3. Transparency like Open Source IT would result in less trials n tribunals in the Pharma Industry and more effective drugs

4. The positive and negative of the Pharma Industry in the wider human community would lead to prevention of bad habits that cause disease rather than cure. This in turn would improve the health of the entire human race.

Initially the Pharma Industry would be hesitant to open up due to the long durations of clinical trials and the process of development of drugs and medicine. But eventually the process would become cleaner, faster and more effective something like the evolution of IT Industry.

Caution: This might be all theory

Newton’s Gravity & Quantum Mechanics

December 18, 2011

Newton’s Gravity & Quantum Mechanics

This is a blog to explain Newton’s theory of Gravity in terms of simple terms and relate it to Quantum Mechanics.

What is Gravity according to Newton?

Newton observed an apple falling from a tree and stated that the apple is attracted to Mother Earth due to a force call gravity.

Gravity described by Me

The Earth was brought together by a huge force. When that force was released, the earth retaliated by a force on the surrounding perimeter which is the atmosphere it binds before we enter space where earth has very little power left. This force always exist and can be termed as gravity. So when any ball is thrown away from Earth, it causes friction between the atmosphere and the ball. This causes the ball to ultimately lose all its force to the surrounding atmosphere and return back to Earth.

Can we integrate Quantum Mechanics with Gravity?

When photon is fired and an observer is kept on one of the holes in the “Double Slit Experiment“, the photon swirls towards the observer attracted by its force. It loses its freedom or perhaps its potential energy and therefore does not display an interference pattern on the screen.

Similarly when a ball is suspended in atmosphere, it will get attracted to Earth (the observer) due to lack of any observers nearby. If there was a similar observer closer than Earth’s distance from the ball, the ball would be attracted to that observer rather than Earth. The ball also loses its freedom and its potential energy and rolls on to the body closest to it.

So even if a huge body like Earth is projected at the speed of photon in the “Double Slit Experiment” it will reflect an interference pattern. Something during the Big Bang when the Universe was created. Another example is stars, galaxies against the backdrop of Space due to the Big Bang (Similar to a Double Slit Experiment).

At present Earth is a big particle, but after its inception and during projection it might have been a wave which might have got attracted to Sun and came to rest as Earth as we see today. If you burn a part of Earth, you will see fire and light which is photons and waves. So Earth is made up of waves coiled up to form a big particle. Hence it is a particle as well as a wave.

Caution: This might be all theory


December 16, 2011

Thought Experiment on Rainbows

Water droplets when they fall, loose tiny parts in the opposite direction which move upwards. When photon from sunlight interacts with the droplet, due to the pressure from the small droplet going up, it travels upwards rather than downwards.

Similarly many photons join this flight started by a single photon. As photons accumulate, they join and reach the highest distance where water droplets can no longer go up as there is no gravity and air pressure. It happens from both the directions to form a rainbow with a join on the top. Then the rainbow begins to curve downward. The accumulated photons then start flying back to the earth.

So instead of a straight trajectory on earth, they form a spoon and do a sort of inverse-U turn before they land back on Earth due to rain.

That is a Rainbow!


Rainbow on Wikipedia
Rainbows explained by Professional Science

Caution: This might be all theory

Double Slit Experiment of Light (Revisited)

December 16, 2011

Double Slit Experiment of Light (Revisited)

This is of the famous “Double Slit Experiment” which came out first with the idea of how photons work and hence laid the foundations of “Quantum Mechanics“. We revisit this experiment and mix up my current thoughts about QM and some of the past thoughts and experiments.

Original Experiment

If a photon is fired within a wall with two slits kept a few mm away with a screen behind to observe it, the photon forms an interference pattern on the screen.

If an observer is kept on one of the slits, the photon goes the way of the observer instead of the free slit and the interference pattern disappears.
Double Slit Experiment

Thoughts & Questions

1. What happens to the recoil energy of the photon, after it has been fired?

2. So does the photon after going through a slit carry a charge given by the observer?

3. When a photon is left to itself, it gets spread out and then focuses on the two slits and then again spreads out. This might actually creation friction in its internal workings resulting in the interference pattern forming a black hole at the end. One would need an observer (black hole types) which can signal when the black hole arrives.

4. When a observer is kept, this pair of the charge of observer and the original photon rotate around them giving stability and hence no radiations are formed which form the interference pattern. Also the original photon does not becomes a black hole depositing itself at the center of screen.

5. Has anyone measured what happens to the photon at the screen when it is accompanied with an observer. Is there a change in its intensity?

Additional Comments (Mostly Crazy)

1. If everything else is open and the two slits are thin layers of wall (the opposite of the above experiment), would an interference pattern of darkness appear on the two bars?

2. Is there something like a -ve photon (A Dark Energy Photon)? What would happen if we fire it in the “Double Slit Experiment“.  Would a -ve photon go the other way?

Caution: This might be theory