What does the East & West Wants?

What does the East & West Wants?

The East is looking at reproduction. The West is way ahead in civilization and technology. The population of the East and its effect on the Nature is a huge problem for them as it affects them too. Since the West is around and its also looking out for resources, the East is blocked. It has only its natural resources and innovation capabilities.

Due to population increase in East, natural resources are ever depleting. So the only way out is innovation. The East has a history about adopting ideas from West and not taking risk, it will always remain a slave of the West. Until unless it has the courage to think afresh.

The West is looking out for advancing their civilization through their innovation and Civilization. At the same time they are trying to solve the problems of the East too.

Caution: This might be all theory

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  1. Deepak Says:


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