India, Companies and Innovation: Part II: The Inside View

India, Companies and Innovation: Part II: The Inside View

Considering our last blog “India, Companies and Innovation: The Outside View”, it is impossible to breed talent and hence innovation in the Indian Society. So is it possible to get any innovation in any company in India, despite of the prevalent outside conditions and off course our Society. It was possible for me. Twice.

One with Infosys and one with Astrazeneca. Both my mentors were remarkable people for an Indian Society and had the patience & oversight for breeding talent and innovation (Now they are out from their previous companies and on their own). Perhaps only because of their exposure to the West. However the odds of finding such people is perhaps one in a million considering the odds stacked against the lack of individuality and freedom in India.

And after that you have to find a disciple who has the courage, emotional and intellectual capacity to churn out innovation. One who is probably ready to risk it all: job, sleep, possibility of getting being left out and perhaps even becoming crazy. I mean really crazy. Sometimes innovation can drive a person mad. And perhaps all that you live for: your personal life.

So what are the odds to churn out of innovation in India . Very rare. One in a billion. And since our population is a billion, there would be perhaps only one or max two cases of any real innovation coming out of India .

So boy, what do we do now? India has to have innovation if she has to feed her billions. There is no other way out. The rest of the World is not gonna give free food to us. Nor is the environmental resources gonna last forever on which we are feeding currently. Well, it’s a question for us to think about. Perhaps, the most important truth which our Society faces us in this Century.

Caution: This might be all theory

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3 Responses to “India, Companies and Innovation: Part II: The Inside View”

  1. Deepak Says:


    Research in India declining: NRN
    Shrabonti Bagchi, TNN | Nov 17, 2011, 01.48AM IST


  2. Deepak Says:


    The Best German car makers are coming to Asia…Its a good idea for the Asians to catch up on what’s innovation on the road…

    Germany’s unemployment rate at record low in December


  3. Deepak Says:


    AstraZeneca to cut a further 7,300 jobs (AstraZeneca needs to invest in start-ups…)


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