The Funny Side Of The World

The Funny Side Of The World

How does America treats his heroes? They kill them (JFK). And their criminals? They let them go away (Frank Morris)

What’s Japanese Way Of Business? No Business Of Yours is My Business.

What skill is British trying to acquire? For centuries they employed “Divide n Rule”. Now they are on the receiving side. So they want to see how they can save themselves. Guess which country they are looking for help to? INDIA

What is Russia’s way of world domination? Build more missiles & bombs!

What is India’s way of getting to the top? Pull the other person down. So if he is down, I am on the top.

What is Chinese Way of World Domination? Make America crawl on its knees. And guess what? They are successful!

The African Way? No one dares to come in Africa! We are the best in killing & raping!

And the German way? One Way Human Traffic! Germans can go anywhere in the World (And off course the German goods with them), but no outsiders in Germany !

Caution: This might be all theory

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