War & Talent

War & Talent

The World has seen a lot of destruction throughout its history. From the earliest destruction led by Genghis Khan, Alexander to the more recent World Wars I & II, wars create a lot of losses in terms of eradication of mass-scale people and wealth. Other than these losses, the main loss of wars is to push away the development and nurturing of talent by decades or sometimes by centuries and in turn affecting the evolution of Society & Civilization.

To be specific, war pushes talent away from a country by 300 years if it is a hard war i.e: World Wars I & II pushed away talent away from the World as a whole for at least 100 to 200 years. Whatever talent we see is an expression of all the peace and hard work earlier. The Cold War, although saw the man reaching space & moon, has pushed the talent away from America & Russia again by at least 200 years (Exemplified by the disintegration of USSR and the recent downfall of America as the sole superpower). The man in space and on moon was an effect of the hard work done by Russia and then emulated by America in the 1950’s. The development happens only in the area of arms and military space.

Even if it is a strong or a victorious nation in a war, resources go into the hand of the corrupt and away from the talent. Besides history has shown there is always a possibility of an exception i.e. an underdog winning. This creates enough fear and destruction of peace. Mostly an effect due to destruction of nature and loss of infrastructure (peace, lack of politics, venture capital) to develop talent.

Wars puts the control away from the common man and talent to mostly the politicians. Maximum corruption happens and this leads to bureaucratic controls inhibiting any new venture, discovery or invention development. To date, there has been not a single invention or discovery in chaos or war.

Caution: This might be all theory

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2 Responses to “War & Talent”

  1. Deepak Says:


    UN court rules against Italy over WWII compensation (World goes back in time to heal its wounds)


  2. Deepak Says:


    Activists report Homs massacre, as U.N. Security Council mulls vote


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