Names & Fun

Names & Fun

This blog is a funny take on Names and their meaning. And it does not bear any reality or any harm to the people mentioned in this blog.

Do you know why Manmohan Singh has been chosen as the Prime Minister of India? What is the most common thing a common man eats when he travels? Peanuts (Singh in Hindi). When a man travels he gains experience and transfers information. He becomes learned and gains value. So the PM has a bearing or liability on him. Since he eats peanuts, the PM becomes free of this liability. And the government runs free.

Why was Obama chosen as the President? It seems most of the Americans like an “O” (An Organism) from the back once in a while. So if they do this, Obama can run free from the responsibility of providing relief to the masses.

If one wants any of these PM’s or Presidents to do work for them, they would have to skip eating peanuts or an “O” (Organism) respectively.

More examples:

Sharad Pawar as CM. His last name reflects light. Everyone needs light. So when one consumes light, he is free to do anything.

Blair reflects a mountain or climax. Again from the back. When one gets a climax, Blair runs free.

Caution: This might be all theory

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  1. Deepak Says:


    Central America’s bloody drug problem (Narco fun in America)


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