The Greatness of a Country

The Greatness of a Country

How would one measure the greatness of the country? Is it by the natural resources it possesses? It is only by luck which one country possesses abundant natural resources and the other country is devoid of it. It is by its people, talent and innovation in the fields of philosophy, art, science, business and sports one can define the greatness of a country. Below we explore each of these areas and which of the areas in the world excel in it.


All the World’s philosophy came out from Greece (Socrates, Plato), India (Buddha) and China (Confucius) in the Pre-Dark Ages. Their philosophy still echoes throughout the World. In the Post Dark Ages, it was EuropeVoltaire from France, Immanuel Kant from Germany and many more Europeans all the way.

Dark Ages


In Pre-Dark Ages – Greece, India & China excelled in art. Handicraft, pottery, sculptures all rose from these magnificent civilizations in abundance. I am still surprised how much quality these folks spun out. And why after so much advancement in our technology, there is wholeness and beauty lacking in what we produce today.

Post-Dark Ages – Europe , America took the lead in establishing themselves as leaders in art (Van Gogh). From paintings, music to construction of cars & structures, they brought wonders in each of these art. They still rule the field of art.


Post-Dark Ages again Europe and America took lead in innovation in sports. From swimming (Michael Phelps), Tennis (Pete Sampras), Basketball (Michael Jordan) to Formula 1 (Michael Schumacher), all of these sports were improved on and leaders came out of them from these countries. It is said if you want to find out what a person is made up of, watch him play for an hour. Indeed, you can find out about the greatness of the country from its sportsmen.


Modern Science was developed by Europe (James Watt, Issac Newton, Albert Einstein) and implemented into technology by America (Feynman, Alan Turing). Europe & America are still the undisputed leaders in the field of science. Russia based its whole economy on science in the 19th century. The early science foundations were all laid out in Greece , the Islamic World  and India .

Ancient Greek Scientist
List of Muslim Scientist
List of Indian Scientist


Business evolved from Barter trade to the present specialized trade which exist today. Indians and Chinese  goods spread throughout the world in the pre-dark ages. America (Apple, HP) and Europe (BMW, Vodafone) again are the undisputed kings in the area of business based on science in the post dark ages.

As of now, Europe and America are the undisputed kings in art, culture and science. However the future looks like heading into another Dark Age until unless nations rapidly overhaul themselves (which again is unlikely as with revolution comes a lot of pain)

Caution: This might be all theory

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2 Responses to “The Greatness of a Country”

  1. anil khanna Says:

    it is the great men that makes country great..

  2. Deepak Says:


    Greek unions set to strike over new austerity demands (Ok Greece looks to be more in trouble than previously thought)


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