What is Life?

What is Life?

Here are some of my thoughts on “What is Life?”:

Non Living Things (Minerals, Water) -> Plants -> Animals -> Humans -> Living Things

Plants make food out of non-living things like minerals, sunlight & water. Animals eat plants and humans eat animals & plants. Thats how the ecosystem works currently. Where do you start the definition of Life? Plants? Animals? Humans? Or as early as Non living things.

If you hit an atom it gives out energy. It is similar to if you hit a man, he cries out in pain. Atom can store Information and can change their state due to Quantum Mechanics, so do they live? The energy given out by an atom – does it have sense?

All the information in human brain are stored in atoms and their interaction with each other? Is that Life? Or otherwise we would be reduced to body which is similar to plants & animals?

If a man has lived all his life on an island never to have met any other man, would he have lived a life? What about early isolated civilizations (India, Chinese, Greece)? If a man lived on an island and affected the Sun which affects the rest of the World, would he have then lived a life?

When do we say that the person has lived? Or when is he living a mechanical life? Is it choice? If there are two states with equal advantages and disadvantages, which one would you choose? Is choice life?

What is Life? by Erwin Schrodinger

Caution: This might be all theory

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3 Responses to “What is Life?”

  1. Deepak Says:


    Sleeping time…Here is a suitcase which can envelope you 🙂


  2. Deepak Says:


    A lot of Oil and eating outside (mostly fast food) can take away your muscles, tissues & cartilage but the docs can fix up with a lot of artificial stuff…

    Well as for me, I need to exercise after eating all the junk I eat and go back to the good old values of staying away from lust, greed and fast cars 🙂



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