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The Terrorist, The Police & The Common Man

May 30, 2011

The Terrorist, The Police & The Common Man

This blog is to study the life of A Terrorist, The Police and The Common Man. It tries to connect all three of them to the violence existing around the World.

The Terrorist dies for his values. They mostly come from poor backgrounds brainwashed by old traditions and customs. Doesn’t care for his life, but off course causes destruction of life and money. They are hired by countries, governments, business who are in the opposite side of the terrorist target.

The Policeman rarely dies for his values. They work for money and care for their life. Therefore they hardly put their lives on-line and can never manage to save lives and public property.

The Common Man is more interested in his individualistic life. Or at the max for his family. Rare is the case where anyone is interested in the Society to give one’s life? Do you remember the learnings of Upanishads?

So who is responsible for all the bomb blast (9/11, Taj), assassinations (JFK, Indira & Rajiv Gandhi), loss of lives and property? The Terrorist who gave up his life for what he believed in? Or The Police who didn’t care to put their life on-line. Or is it the common man who sold out for the passage of the terrorist to their target for money?

Caution: This might be all theory

The Big Machine In India

May 29, 2011

The Big Machine In India  

The Big Machine was introduced by England & Germany in the 18th century to relieve the masses out of poverty. Its traces can be rooted to the discoveries of thinkers (Issac Newton) and inventors like (James Watt).

India  was under the British Empire till 1950 and they kept the “Big Machine” away from India to rule the country. But at the same time, England also took a lot of natural resources for its consumption from India. The leaders (Gandhi) prevailing at the time of independence were of the thought “The machines bring about slavery to the common man. This should be avoided at all cost. So lets avoid the ‘Big Machine’ and instead concentrate on Small Industries, Shops and other petty business”. However the population rose sharply and the above thinking hardly could match the food requirement of the masses. Only the Industrial Revolution and the Big Machine could satisfy the need of the masses – Food, Shelter and Clothes. BTW, that is still the case.

China in the 1970’s opened the door of its economy for ‘Industrial Revolution‘ and rapidly modernized, lifting more than half of its population out of poverty. However even after 25 years of this miracle, India is yet to learn and relies mostly on petty businesses. One cannot skip the “Industrial Revolution“. India must pass through it to get to the next stage (Internet & Biotech). At no cost, we can jump to the next stage of evolution by refusing to let the “Industrial Revolution & Big Machine” help the masses get out of poverty.

We have to liberalize now for an Industrial Revolution in India. Otherwise we will slip away into oblivion for a few centuries.

Caution: This might be all theory

What is a Desalination Plant?

May 26, 2011

What is a Desalination Plant?

Definition: It is a Condenser which cools gas water (steam) into liquid water when you can trap the steam rising from the Sea due to the Sun. It might be a glass plant, which allows Sun Rays inside it and leads the steam to a cooling outlet, which produces purified water.

Example: Two containers, one a glass one, and one an opaque one made up of a cooling material, can also be used as a Desalination Device. The glass one allows the sun-rays inside to boil water into steam. The steam passes on to the opaque container, where it cools to form purified water. All the salt remains back in the glass container.

Trivia: A man stranded in a boat (Cast Away) can put some sea salt water in the boat and if he keeps his mouth open for a while, he might be able to get the steam which might percolate as water in his body. He might be able to tide over his travel to the nearby island without dying out of thirst (You cannot drink sea water and stay alive for long!)

Caution: This might be all theory


May 26, 2011


The dark clouds
looming by

Taking away

Of the Sun
or the

The lonely

All by

Into the
jungle of

Its gonna be
a long long

Till I find
my next
Sweet Spot

An Oasis
of Love

Till that

Baby, I

I live by
your side

Or die
before I

Sight of

The darkness
outside &
inside me

Caution: This might be all theory

The Funny Side Of The World

May 25, 2011

The Funny Side Of The World

How does America treats his heroes? They kill them (JFK). And their criminals? They let them go away (Frank Morris)

What’s Japanese Way Of Business? No Business Of Yours is My Business.

What skill is British trying to acquire? For centuries they employed “Divide n Rule”. Now they are on the receiving side. So they want to see how they can save themselves. Guess which country they are looking for help to? INDIA

What is Russia’s way of world domination? Build more missiles & bombs!

What is India’s way of getting to the top? Pull the other person down. So if he is down, I am on the top.

What is Chinese Way of World Domination? Make America crawl on its knees. And guess what? They are successful!

The African Way? No one dares to come in Africa! We are the best in killing & raping!

And the German way? One Way Human Traffic! Germans can go anywhere in the World (And off course the German goods with them), but no outsiders in Germany !

Caution: This might be all theory

War & Talent

May 24, 2011

War & Talent

The World has seen a lot of destruction throughout its history. From the earliest destruction led by Genghis Khan, Alexander to the more recent World Wars I & II, wars create a lot of losses in terms of eradication of mass-scale people and wealth. Other than these losses, the main loss of wars is to push away the development and nurturing of talent by decades or sometimes by centuries and in turn affecting the evolution of Society & Civilization.

To be specific, war pushes talent away from a country by 300 years if it is a hard war i.e: World Wars I & II pushed away talent away from the World as a whole for at least 100 to 200 years. Whatever talent we see is an expression of all the peace and hard work earlier. The Cold War, although saw the man reaching space & moon, has pushed the talent away from America & Russia again by at least 200 years (Exemplified by the disintegration of USSR and the recent downfall of America as the sole superpower). The man in space and on moon was an effect of the hard work done by Russia and then emulated by America in the 1950’s. The development happens only in the area of arms and military space.

Even if it is a strong or a victorious nation in a war, resources go into the hand of the corrupt and away from the talent. Besides history has shown there is always a possibility of an exception i.e. an underdog winning. This creates enough fear and destruction of peace. Mostly an effect due to destruction of nature and loss of infrastructure (peace, lack of politics, venture capital) to develop talent.

Wars puts the control away from the common man and talent to mostly the politicians. Maximum corruption happens and this leads to bureaucratic controls inhibiting any new venture, discovery or invention development. To date, there has been not a single invention or discovery in chaos or war.

Caution: This might be all theory

The Origin & Evolution Of The World

May 23, 2011

The Origin & Evolution Of The World

This blog traces out the origin and evolution of the World for a human being. The human being started out evolving from a monkey to a primitive human being (somewhere in Africa). He spread across the World enriching the civilization by advancement in thought, science and trade. Here we look at some of the main events in this evolution:

The Greece Age

If one has to look at the beginning of civilization, philosophy and science, go no further than Greece. Stalwarts like Socrates, Plato laid the foundations of philosophy and science risking their lives and more. It also saw the birth of epics like Illiad and Odyssey (by Homer) which laid the foundation of all future epics and learnings (Ramayana, Mahabharata borrow their learnings from the Greece epics)

The England Empire

If one has to look at the birth of modern civilization, England is the undisputed King of this arena. Issac Newton, James Watt, Charles Darwin laid the foundations of all modern mathematics, science. Most of the modern literature was written by the likes of William Shakespeare. They rolled the Industrial Revolution which took the World by storm making England the undisputed superpower of the World from 15th-18th century. Their glory during these times were so pronounced that England is still a force to reckon with.

The Age of German Perfection

If one has to look at the birth of excellence, Germany rules the chart unequivocally. They drilled down so much into detail for perfection, that it is still hard to beat them in technique and skill. Immanuel Kant, Schopenhauer, Albert Einstein, Erwin Schroedinger laid the foundation of modern detailed thought, science and technology (Nuclear Technology). Germany’s society has benefited so much that it is the only country in the World whose foundations are still intact in the recession of 2000.

The Golden Age Of America

If one has to look at the birth of individualism, go no further than America. America laid the foundations of its Society, where the individual was placed at the centre. They were given maximum freedom to take risk, innovate and build America as we known it today. From the likes of JFK, Steve Jobs, Google Founders, they brought about unprecedented technology (Computer, Internet, Biotech, Clean Energy) & wealth to America and the World. Their products still rule the shelves of every store around the World.

From Greece to America, the world has come a long way in evolution of Society, Technology and Trade. The World is increasingly one single place with a rich amalgam of race, religion, talent and culture. Which country would rule the 30th decade would be decided by the country which can develop talent & skill, and at the same time maintain its relationship with other countries.

Caution: This might be all theory

Tuitions in School n Colleges

May 21, 2011

Tuitions in School n Colleges

This blog is to illustrate one of the biggest challenges in our Society: Tuitions in Schools n Colleges and their perils. This is mostly by studying the quality churning out in Indian Companies and also out of some personal experience.

The Problem

A Student is weak in a particular subject, mostly due to non interest or disliking of the way it is taught in the classroom or the way the subject is presented in the Society. Instead of omitting the non-interesting subject and concentrating on her or his likes, we are encouraging the student to get into the tuition system for that subject. Tuition mostly means mugging up a bit more by spending extra time on the subject.


The mugging up of that particular subject by the student creates a further real liking of that particular subject or topic. It also eats up into the student’s free time, giving her or him very less time for relaxation, freedom and developing his natural talent and instinct.


The tuition system is just creating more punes than talent. Take any company in India, you would find people copying expertise from the West rather than inventing their own products. This is creating an Indian Society and Economy which is very fragile and wholly dependent on the West for ideas, culture and setting up the ever-changing modern civilization.

To summarize, the tuition system is a Society Problem, one which we must root out at the earliest if one has to create Inventors (Howard Hughes, John Nash), Scientists ( Albert Einstein, Issac Newton), Businessman (Steve Jobs, Larry Page & Sergey Brin) and many more eminent personalities like them.

Caution: This might be all theory

Life, A Struggle

May 20, 2011

Life, A Struggle

Life without

Seems a

Every day
a struggle

Hoping the
old times

Would return
once again

Never to
leave us

We could
spin a

Full of
fun n

Never seen
or heard

Baby, please

My past

Give me
a spin

One more

I promise

To break
your heart

Caution: This might be all theory

Life & Death

May 20, 2011

Life & Death

I gave life
a skip

Couple of

The death

Towering around

You saved

A close

Each & Every

You hold
my life

And me

With you
away from

Love lingers

Life seems
to be

A tough nut
to crack

However there
is hope

Hope we

Reunite once

Forever, never
to lose

Of each

Caution: This might be all theory