How Business is done in India – II

How Business is Done in India – II

This is the sequel to the first blog on “How Business is Done in India?.

In this blog, we move a bit forward and form an overall view of what is required in this country for business to flourish and the customers to benefit. Not to forget, to prevent mankind from extinction and the overall growth of the Society.

The view till now

1. 800 Million people left alone in Poverty. 400 Million living of a Capitalist Economy, eating up the Environment of the rest of the 800 million.

2. The 800 Million have to think for themselves. How do they innovate themselves out of Poverty? The rich are not gonna come for them. Not now. And certainly not in the future.

3. This is across the World. In each and every country. The Rich live in affluence, while the poor in the Dark Ages. There is a bit more problem in India, due to huge population and less geographical area.

What is required?

Infrastructure and Initiatives required is at least a 1000 times that of current ones. Politicians and Rich Businessman living for themselves. They service each other. There is no initiative or no need to think for the poor. The question is “Why do we think for the poor? What is our benefit?”.


Government of India
Who’s Who in the Government of India
Article in WSJ on the Poor: (In India, Doubts Gather Over Rising Giant’s Course)

Can we spell out what we exactly need across India? Let us explore in the sequel : “How Business is Done in India? – III”

Caution: This might be all theory

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