The Schools Of Tomorrow

The Schools Of Tomorrow

Currently the schools have a rigid curriculum giving little interest to the students liking. This makes it difficult to churn out innovators, leaders and people who can make a difference to the Society. All that comes out of schools are mechanical workers who contribute to the outdated social, economic and political arena of this World. All is not lost, we can change all this. Here is a glimpse of what a School could be like.

Interest or Like Based

The whole idea of education should be driven by interest or what the student likes the most. She or he then should be allowed to pursue that particular topic all her or his life. All other topics could be picked up by the student on the side as long her or his appetite for the main interest is satisfied.

Pick up a topic and do it all schooling of your interest

The idea of a school should not be to teach students. It should rather be to allow students to learn on their own and only help in extreme students or when the student is about to give up the education. The teachers should only play the role of a mentor.

No timing no compulsion to attend lectures

 There should not be any school timing at all. The student should be allowed to come to school at her or his fancy. There should be no compulsion to attend lectures too. All the school should provide is mentors and reference information for the student to dig into her or his interest.

Discipline will come from interest

The question now would be is, where the discipline in a student come from considering there is no compulsion to come to School or attend lectures? The answer is interest. History has shown if a person is allowed to pursue what she or he likes, the person itself takes the responsibility to see that the area of interest is given full attention and maximum interest. So discipline will come from interest.

Need to contribute to the Society

The whole infrastructure – the School, the teachers, the facilities and the students should be oriented to contribute to the Society. Without any contribution to the Society, any area would be empty. Some of the things which could be done to tune into the Society needs are – field trips to different places (countries, villages, towns), interaction with different people from different customs-religion-age groups, live projects with government & companies.

Until unless we change the whole infrastructure of the School from scratch, we would only be creating machines. Machines who can obey orders and not leaders who can create a healthy Society. The choice is ours and ours only. We should rather asking around how to change our neighborhood School now or be prepared to live with one more machine for our life. Is anyone listening?

Caution: This might be all theory

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  1. Deepak Says:


    Missing Montana schoolteacher found dead (Lessons to listen but never follow the teacher)


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