The case for “In Born Talent Or Acquired Talent”

I have been thinking about talent all my life. How do people acquire talent and whether it is in-born or developed by them along their life? So I took some examples of icons of the past few centuries and studied their growth patterns into heroes. I got two types of people in the arena of talent: In Born Talent & Acquired Talent.

In Born Talent

Most of these folks are artist and have some raw talent in them which they exploit along their life. They hone their already in-born talent to enrich their area of expertise. Most of the time, the talent is one-dimensional. They have to work less on developing their skill (as compared to “Acquired Talent”) and it comes to them naturally.

Examples: Michael JacksonHrithik Roshan,  Aamir KhanAmitabh Bachchan

Acquired Talent

Acquired Talent is developed during life time through sheer perseverance, hard work and focus. They are all ordinary people who have nothing much in their Genes. As their skill is acquired mostly during their life time, they can easily venture into any area and hence are multi-talented.

Only a few people have in-born talent, while the rest of the mankind are born with ordinary set of genes (talent). However as seen in the latter case, one can acquire talent and apply it to multiple areas. So not all is lost, even if you are not born with in-born talent, you can go all the way up.

Examples: Che GuevaraVan GoghSRKGenghiz KhanHitlerGandhiSteve JobsHoward HughesNewton

Caution: This might all theory

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