Products: The Loss Quest for Perfection

Products: The Loss Quest for Perfection

Products are priceless. Everything else are tools or one degree less than products. You cannot call them products. So why are we seeing a loss of products (perfect ones) in market. Something you would die for. Most of the stuff you get off the shelf are ok or sub-standard. Where has the quest for perfection gone? Something symbolized by Van Gogh.

The Population Problem

The population clock keeps on ticking and ever faster. The current population of the World is 7 billion, growing and no signs of slowing down. This is creating ever-growing population with ever-growing needs and an ever-growing market demand for more & more products.

The “Quick & The Fast” Generation

The ever-increasing population in towns and cities across the World is creating increasing traveling times (traffic hazards), costly real estate and hence compact & crowded homes, little time for recreation. This all is leading to a loss of introspection time or “personal time” and also a need for everything quick and fast. Right from food to shelter to clothes and almost everything. This in turn is creating a market for sub standard products & higher profits rather than perfect products & less margins.

World Population

The Loss of Art & Acquired Talent In Developing Products

Van Gogh symbolized the art of perfection to the zenith. He led a simple lifestyle all his life but made priceless paintings. One feels complete looking at them. Only if this could get translated into all other products, we would see more happy customers, fewer errors leading to recalls and also less crashes (cars, planes and software).

The Recall News
Product Recall 2010
Firestore and Ford Tire Controversy
Toyota Vehicle Recalls

So, is it possible to develop perfect & priceless products? What will it take to make them? These are open questions for everyone out there is developing anything under the sun or besides a burning oil lamp.

Having said all of this, it all looks like a speech from a politician. I agree and we should explore more on this in detail  in my next blog.

Caution: This might be all theory

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