The Wealth of World – II: The Future

The Wealth of World – II: The Future

The earlier blog “The Wealth of World – I” brought forth the past events which has led to the degradation of natural resources in the World. This blog “The Wealth of World – II” takes a peak at the future and how man would advance the technology and correct some of its past mistakes – Make the World a Zero Waste, Zero Input one.

A bit of History

Human Evolution goes from a rapid rise due to a concentration of leaders to a plateau (hum-drum existence). As in the case of Empires, Genghiz Khan rose to world prominence and then his descendants gradually faded away. Akbar again did the same who rose to the top and then his descendants faded away taking his empire into oblivion.

More recently: Pre Dark Ages (Early Civilization of India, China and Greece) to Dark Ages (When the entire world slept) and then Enlightenment Again in Post-Dark Ages (From Europe then to America and then the World now). This only suggest we are moving to another Dark Ages albeit a short one (Probably a few centuries from 2700 to 3200).

Zero Waste (By 2100)

From the 16th century on, the developed world starting consuming all the natural resources to be found and generated a huge lot of waste right up to the present century. The current pollution levels set in a mindset of correction of all the waste generated. America has taken an early lead (Silicon Valley) where a score of companies are working in recycle waste, energy and other natural resources. Some of the companies in the zero waste area are as follows: Solar, Energy, Water

Clean Energy Links
Vantage Point
Khosla Ventures

Zero Raw Materials (By 2200)

Most of the World around us was created by a tiny spark which got expanded into all this mass around us. So its possible practically to create anything from little or no mass. Currently the human technology is capable of only creating things from equivalent mass. However by 2200, the technology would have sufficiently advanced where one could almost create anything from nothing (Zero Raw Materials)

Self Sufficient Economies, Developed World (Net Input: 0, Net Output: +) (By 2300)

The Zero Waste, Zero Raw Materials technology would then spread on to the entire developed world with total net input of raw materials as 0 or a little more. And the output in the positive.

Possible Contribution from Developed Economies to Have-Not Areas(By 3000)

The developed World would then reach out to the absolute poor, share wealth and include them into their structure by the year 3000 making the world an even one. Then on the World would cool for a few hundred years with little or no development into an hum-drum existence (another dark age)

All this might sound a bit boring and sci-fi, but it is worth a shot at the future if you think of 10 people dying every 1 second in the under-developed world.

P.S: Man’s scientific goal is to do everything possible in Nature (right from evolution) instantly (By 2500)

Caution: This might be all theory

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