Men Who Defied Nature

Men Who Defied Nature

This blog is to define how a few set of people (10 – mostly notably Che Guevara) have defied probably the very laws of nature (if you give something, you get something) turning the world upside down.

Evolution of Nature

The evolution of Nature started millions of years ago with the Big Bang. The basic building blocks of life got together by multiple trials and formed the smallest living being. This smallest living being in turn matured over time to form complex living beings. So life evolved from amoeba to animals to humans.

Types of Relationships in Nature?

Most of the relations in Nature are either symbiotic (for good of both) or parasitic (for good of one and destruction or no benefit to other).

Love? Like?

Love or friendship is mostly found in humans where a relationship exist where both the persons derive fun & pleasure but no material wealth. These relationships are very rare and usually last for a very short time. They mostly get translated into transactional relationships over time. Very few relationships last for more than a few years, let alone a lifetime.

Some of the love relationships which exist in Humans are

1. Between Two Lovers : Purest and does last for the longest time. One can overcome most of the obstacles of life if one has love by its side. It is said one can give life for the other in Love although there is very little documentation on these cases. However it is still the Kohinoor of all relationships.

2. Mom – Kid : It’s one of the most long-term love relationships where the mom brings up the kid for years before she gets any material benefit (usually in the old age). The kids get emotional energy, material wealth when they are being brought up and the mom emotional satisfaction. This is fast deteriorating due to nuclear families.

3. Two Friends : Usually develops when one is young and in school or college. It is rare to develop friendships after that. There is very little material benefit between the two but the gain in emotional energy for the both is the maximum. Usually this goes on to translate into transactional friendship.

4. Revolutionaries : Revolutionaries usually fight for an idea or their country, continent against oppressive powers.

People who defied Nature

I scanned history from the oldest of all known books to the Internet and i made up a list of people who seem to have defied this law of Nature where they have done things neither for a symbiotic relationship or a parasitic one. They have given their life for the benefit of others without gaining any or little material benefit. This relationship requires the maximum emotional and physical energy which is rare to be found. I could only find at max 10 odd in the entire history of mankind – 7 billion people have already lived on this planet till now. The purest of all 10 of them being Che Guevara.

Che Guevara

Che traveled for more than a year across South America. During his travels, Che was moved by the poverty around him. He went on to struggle with powers around the world to remove injustice, poverty and illness. South America progressed quite a bit during his time and is still developing. It has some of the most developed economies like Brazil, Chile.

Motorcycle Diaries: The Book
Motorcycle Diaries: The Movie

Che dedicated his entire life for the others without getting any material benefit from others. He also ended up giving up his life. There has been no one on this earth to do such a thing like what Che did. I wonder where did he get his emotional energy, focus and physical energy from.

Howard Hughes

Howard Hughes was an American aviator, engineer, film producer, industrialist, director, philanthropist and one of the wealthiest people of the world. He is also known for his eccentric and reclusive lifestyle. He was one of the most influential aviators in history.

The surprising fact about this man is for the implementation of his ideas in several fields. Very few people had the multiple talents he had and for his perseverance. Lots of people have ideas but very few implement them. It is tough enough to implement in one field, let alone in several fields.

Ashoka, Gandhi

Ashoka was an Indian Emperor, whose empire reigned over the entire present-day India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan. During one of the battles, he chose the path towards peace after looking at the destruction caused by the war. The only king, among the thousands of kings, emperors to have ruled in this world, who gave up everything he had then and worked for the welfare of the people for his entire remaining life. He shone like a star and the light went all the way. You dont find such people in the entire history of mankind except for Che Guevara.

Mahatma Gandhi was an ordinary guy trying to make his living. He got thrown off the train for a petty seat (Racial abuse). He then decided to take the wheel of his life in his hands and spun our country into independence from foreign domination through non-violence (a leaf borrowed from Leo Tolstoy’s book ‘War & Peace‘). He became the most “Uncommon poor people’s guy” and the salt in him went all the way.

My Experiments with Truth

Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King became the champion in removing racial segregation in America. He worked for the equal rights & uplifting of black people through non-violent means (a leaf borrowed out of Mahatma Gandhi’s book ‘The Story of My Experiments with Truth‘). He was joined by Rosa Parks in the struggle for civil rights. His humanity went all the way.

Van Gogh, Issac Newton, Einstein

Van Gogh put all his energy in his work (paintings), which was hardly worth a cent during his lifetime. He was dogged with mental illness all his life. However after his death several decades later, it became everything and more (priceless). His work went all the way.It would be hard not to imagine that Van Gogh was a man with immense love. Van Gogh got nothing from his work, still he persevered to work on his muse (paintings) all life. Very rare to find such dedication without any rewards.

Albert Einstein was the most eminent scientist of all times. He was quoted in his life to say “God does not play dice”. But he did and won in style. He was the first guy to unite the dice of space and the dice of time together into one to build “The Space-Time Theory”, on which most of the science and technology is currently founded on. The dice of his imagination went all the way.

Issac Newton was “the scientist” who laid the basic scientific groundwork for the industrial revolution, one among the many other endeavors he undertook. His laws of motion shrunk the world, increased the productivity and heralded the progress of the West.

Why only 10 people out of 7 Billion?

No one helps the talented person. One has to do execute one’s idea almost alone. The poor (although they have very less resources) and rich are involved in their own daily life for their own good. The other talented people can help but most of the time are involved in honing their own talent. So most of the time, talented & courageous people lead a very lonely & reclusive life.

I am unable to answer, what in these folks made them achieve the impossible as off now? Why did they give their entire life for the good of others? Without any rewards? And why there are only 10 of them from 7 billion of people who have lived till now?

Caution: This might be all theory

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  1. Deepak Says:


    The Onset of Electrical Resistance


    P.S: Science explains it is necessary to have a goal in order to reach your destiny. If you have no goal, you end up going everywhere before you go to some place (either intended by you due to the interactions or by someone else)

  2. Deepak Says:


    New Form Of Matter-Antimatter Transformation Observed For First Time

    If you hit anything, it might disintegrate into a lighter form and come back in some another form. The greater the man, the greater the comeback into some other form.


  3. Deepak Says:


    Albert Einstein


    P.S: The man who linked the near and the far

  4. Deepak Says:


    Light Echo Show From Wrenching Gravity Outside Black Hole Predicted


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