The Quest for a Society – VIII – Taj Mahal (Symbol of Love)

The Quest for a Society – VIII – Taj Mahal (Symbol of Love)

This blog is an aim to understand perhaps the wonder – Taj Mahal on earth created by Shah Jahan for his Love – his wife. It is the only wonder which is the symbol of Love & cannot be defined in terms of productive utility – and hence is priceless and as Rabindranath Tagore said – “One tear drop … upon the cheek of time”.

Why Taj Mahal was constructed?

Shah Jahan created Taj Mahal for his Love (Wife) after she passed away. In her memory. Shah Jahan himself would only see the Taj Mahal he created for his love-wife from a place, which was a kilometer away as his son imprisoned him as soon as Taj Mahal was constructed.

The Taj Mahal inspires many to do the impossible for their love ones. It attracts up to 2-to-4 million visitors every year and is the major attraction for tourism in India.

The spoiling and the resurrection by British

The Taj Mahal was hardly maintained by the people after Shah Jahan. It started becoming yellow with parts of it falling off due to interference by people and the polluted weather. The British soldiers and government officials chiseled away all the precious gems embezzled on the Taj Mahal. However soon after its deterioration, the British Government ordered a sweeping restoration initiative to restore the Taj Mahal to its glory.

The current look of the surrounding area maintained is more of an organized western style of garden (which anyways is hardly maintained now). There should have been a bit of art in it too.

The Current State and Problems

– Pollution by industries around the monument. Surrounding Areas kept unclean and un-artistic (without any art or design). Only the Taj Mahal stands out. When one enters the surrounding area one feels let down by the area. One gets the feeling of Taj Mahal and the love only when one enters the building. This is due to the poor maintenance of surrounding area.
– One needs to maintain some history in the surrounding city (Agra) of Taj Mahal too.

Proposed Solution

I am no expert in construction. And specially of a monument like Taj Mahal. However I will throw my 2 cents in the ring. There are 3 things which need to be done.

The Taj Mahal itself
– Reinstating of Diamonds and Jewels. We should get them first from the British and wherever they are lying now. Each of them.
– Polishing of the marble from inside as well as outside. It can be periodic. Every month.

The modification of the Immediate Surrounding
– From British style (Organized) to something original
– A circle-perimeter of 25 meters of small light green grass
– A circle-perimeter of 75 meters of crystal clear water with water purifiers. With a height so that one is unable to see the ground. The ground below itself should have water-colour. One should be able to see the reflection of Taj Mahal during the day (Sun) and night (Moon)
– A circle-perimeter of 100 meters of dark green grass. People should be allowed in this area only & not beyond this.
– A circle-perimeter of 100 meters of dense forest.
– Remaining surrounding areas in the city should only house people or have small-scale industries (crafts) permission. All heavy industries, smoke should be relocated from this city to some city close by.

The City of Agra
– Relocation of all Heavy Industries from the city
– Restoration of the City to the 17th Century Styles
– Restoration of the river Yamuna (There are 4 of them)
– There has to be a systematic inflow of visitors into the city and Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is the only symbol left in the World which symbolizes Love. Mebbe the whole world can chip-in in its restoration.

Caution: This might be all theory


3 Responses to “The Quest for a Society – VIII – Taj Mahal (Symbol of Love)”

  1. Deepak Says:


    When I visited Taj Mahal a few years back, I felt totally enchanted when I looked at it from outside a few hundred feet’s away. However when I closed in, it seemed to tell me “I have been robbed away of my beauty – all jewels, original shine (beauty) and peace (too much crowd around).”

    So next time when I visit it again, I will make sure to look at it from outside and turn back.


  2. Deepak Says:


    (We are failing to save different diamonds of our country)

    La Mart top-ranker found dead in lake

    Bellary teacher held for raping Class VII student


  3. Deepak Says:


    Process Makes Polymers Truly Plastic, Changing Textures On Demand (People can be altered according to weather, rather than weather adapting to human’s will, explained in Science)


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