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The Quest for a Society – VIII – Taj Mahal (Symbol of Love)

January 31, 2011

The Quest for a Society – VIII – Taj Mahal (Symbol of Love)

This blog is an aim to understand perhaps the wonder – Taj Mahal on earth created by Shah Jahan for his Love – his wife. It is the only wonder which is the symbol of Love & cannot be defined in terms of productive utility – and hence is priceless and as Rabindranath Tagore said – “One tear drop … upon the cheek of time”.

Why Taj Mahal was constructed?

Shah Jahan created Taj Mahal for his Love (Wife) after she passed away. In her memory. Shah Jahan himself would only see the Taj Mahal he created for his love-wife from a place, which was a kilometer away as his son imprisoned him as soon as Taj Mahal was constructed.

The Taj Mahal inspires many to do the impossible for their love ones. It attracts up to 2-to-4 million visitors every year and is the major attraction for tourism in India.

The spoiling and the resurrection by British

The Taj Mahal was hardly maintained by the people after Shah Jahan. It started becoming yellow with parts of it falling off due to interference by people and the polluted weather. The British soldiers and government officials chiseled away all the precious gems embezzled on the Taj Mahal. However soon after its deterioration, the British Government ordered a sweeping restoration initiative to restore the Taj Mahal to its glory.

The current look of the surrounding area maintained is more of an organized western style of garden (which anyways is hardly maintained now). There should have been a bit of art in it too.

The Current State and Problems

– Pollution by industries around the monument. Surrounding Areas kept unclean and un-artistic (without any art or design). Only the Taj Mahal stands out. When one enters the surrounding area one feels let down by the area. One gets the feeling of Taj Mahal and the love only when one enters the building. This is due to the poor maintenance of surrounding area.
– One needs to maintain some history in the surrounding city (Agra) of Taj Mahal too.

Proposed Solution

I am no expert in construction. And specially of a monument like Taj Mahal. However I will throw my 2 cents in the ring. There are 3 things which need to be done.

The Taj Mahal itself
– Reinstating of Diamonds and Jewels. We should get them first from the British and wherever they are lying now. Each of them.
– Polishing of the marble from inside as well as outside. It can be periodic. Every month.

The modification of the Immediate Surrounding
– From British style (Organized) to something original
– A circle-perimeter of 25 meters of small light green grass
– A circle-perimeter of 75 meters of crystal clear water with water purifiers. With a height so that one is unable to see the ground. The ground below itself should have water-colour. One should be able to see the reflection of Taj Mahal during the day (Sun) and night (Moon)
– A circle-perimeter of 100 meters of dark green grass. People should be allowed in this area only & not beyond this.
– A circle-perimeter of 100 meters of dense forest.
– Remaining surrounding areas in the city should only house people or have small-scale industries (crafts) permission. All heavy industries, smoke should be relocated from this city to some city close by.

The City of Agra
– Relocation of all Heavy Industries from the city
– Restoration of the City to the 17th Century Styles
– Restoration of the river Yamuna (There are 4 of them)
– There has to be a systematic inflow of visitors into the city and Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is the only symbol left in the World which symbolizes Love. Mebbe the whole world can chip-in in its restoration.

Caution: This might be all theory

The Quest for a Society – V (America Again – The Economy)

January 30, 2011

The Quest for a Society – V (America Again – The Economy)

This blog might be just a restatement of previous studies done (i.e. The World is Flat). It is purely for my own understanding.

America can be defined and modelled into two regions (the talented and the common man). The talented of America mostly reside in California and New York while the rest forming the common man. The talented are very focussed and responsible for the advancement (sometimes the other way around) of Society, Technology and Civilization. The common man just follows the trends set by the talented one’s. There is technology upheaval every 25 years in America, which causes businesses to change themselves, many going bust and many hitting the jackpot. In this process, the business to remain competitive look to source resources (including manual labour) where it is available the best and the cheapest.

There is a huge supply of labour and other natural resources available in the world waiting to be absorbed (mostly in India, China, Africa). As there is unsatisfied cheap supply, the American business requirements would keep getting absorbed by these countries. This would make it imperative for the common man at least in the next 2 centuries to rapidly move up the value chain or lose out to the East.

So we can ask the question now, Did America’s middle class lose out to the East due to (work at lower cost)? The answer is resounding yes and there is no other way out either.How many jobs went to the East? My estimate is 100-200 million to China, India and also all new low-end jobs will keep getting created in the East. The current dip in the economy and loss of jobs in America can be seen as a technology change if one looks at a larger perspective. Technology focus changing from Information Technology to Biotechnology, Environment and Clean Energy.

There are some learnings to be taken one can take from America (as America is the foremost Civilization of the World and will continue to be so for the next 2 centuries). All the talented areas will never run out of business, jobs, money as they can see technology change much before then anyone else. It can also cause a lot of pain to the common man in terms of loss of one’s livelihood and hence the loss of all other benefits including sometimes the loss of one’s life (Although it is rare due to the Social Security System in America).

The current America going bust (2000-10) is a case of a developed nation undergoing a technology change and its middle class (common man) adapting to change. Other countries would face a similar cycle of boom & bust due to technology change. Hence they must also move up the value chain continuously. Even more so as there is no system of Social Security in the East and off course they are hardly creating any technology themselves.

If you look at a micro-situation and one gets down to an individual level, how does a common man in the mid-30’s in a conventional industry change his technology skills, livelihood? My personal experience is that initially it is tough (with an initial barrier to accept change). After that it becomes mainstream and one can roll. The initial period can make or break one’s chances. Due to initial failures, one retreats and might fall back on his earlier skill (which again is a no way out).

Caution: This might be all theory

Ashoka & Che

January 29, 2011

Ashoka & Che

Ashoka &

More than
10 Billion

Set afoot
on this

But only
two can

They lived
a life

Ashoka &

One in the
distant past

And the other
in the recent

Gave up

Money, Fame
& Safety

the globe

Ashoka &

One taught
Peace &

For one and

The other
to never
give up

Brought back
to Life

The Story
of David &

Ashoka &

So tell

It’s just
one life

What are
you living

Just another
body count

Or wanna
carve your
own way

And shine

Ashoka &

Caution: This might be all theory

Waiting For You

January 29, 2011

Waiting For You

The World
a chaos

And everyone
in a rat

Looking for
their pot of

And if you
look behind

You will
always find

Waiting for

Even if the

Or the oceans
dry up

And everyone’s
turned their
back on you

You will
always find

Waiting for

Life is a

The Work

And I might
go belly up

No matter

You will
always find

Waiting for

CAUTION: This might be all theory

Travel Tales

January 26, 2011

Travel Tales

Education is
the Key

So they tell

I stuck to
books all
my life

From School
days to my
teen life

I read
about Che,
Gandhi &

Ashoka gave
up everything

& Kingdom

far &

Gaining wisdom
on his

Became the
peace apostle

Still shines
like a star
in the Sky

Che left
his young
years n

To travel
across the

He saw the
old, poor
and the

Became a
from a

And is still
the face of

Gandhi was
thrown off
a train

He fought
against in

Made peace
his weapon

across the

Far &

Threw out
the yoke
of foreign

And made
his country
free n proud

The only person
to have defeated
violence by

His head is
held high
above all

Here is a
little secret
about them

is the

To rise n

CAUTION: This might be all theory

Life meets you twice

January 24, 2011

Life meets
you twice

From my
young days

To the

I had

Love, Friends
n Family

Money n

Life meets
you twice

Then came
a storm

Turned my
life upside

I lost

Now i must
find my
way back

My lost

n family

And my
pot of

i find

My way
to the

Life meets
you twice

The Quest for the Holy Grail

January 21, 2011

The Quest for the Holy Grail

The Quest for the The Holy Grail to live forever and live a life without any disease & pain. This quest has been practiced since the start of the human race, earlier by witchcraft and now by science. The latest fads like Biotechnology promise to keep the human living forever when it comes into mainstream.

Disease and Pain

Disease is a malfunction of a part of human body and pain is a result of that. Disease and Pain is usually caused by a strain on the environment or due to human error. With proper planning & execution of cohabitation with the environment, we can create a Society free of Diseases and Pain. A human race without any disease and pain would enable one to concentrate on one’s talent rather than on unproductive things like disease and pain.

Treatment: Drugs

Most of us are reactive in nature. Generations ago, when one interfaced disease, the immediate thought came of curing it rather than preventing it. This led to the profession of drug making, doctors and hospitals. Simple diseases are usually cured within a day or two with simple medicine. However diseases like Tuberculosis, AIDS take a lot of time to cure. Due to the elaborate process (TB takes about a year to cure with regular doses, AIDS is incurable as of now), some people never get cured. They just die.


This is said to be the Biotechnology century with drugs to solve all human problems being promised. Even never-ending life. However we are looking at treatment of disease rather than prevention. There would be always be new diseases springing out which would make it impossible to have a never-ending life. AIDS was unimaginable before 1980. It cannot be cured as off today.


Preventing a disease can lead to a lot less hassles, saving of human resources and increase in one’s creativity & productivity. This would be only possible if we have a clean environment.

All the natural resources like Earth’s atmosphere, water and land have to be kept clean and without any pollution from human. Which would mean we need to look at everything – how is our Society planned, Our population, Positive use of Technology, Our consumption of natural resources – land, water and earth’s atmosphere, forest deforestation and more. We need to plan our Society right from the scratch. The current human population is 7 Billion and increasing. How did we reach here? How do we go back to a number which is agreeable to the Earth’s environment.

Take the example of Energy and Light. How do we manufacture Energy & Light? Is it environment friendly? Although Nuclear Energy is one of the most wonderful technologies created by man (by the hard work of scientist and eminent people of the World for centuries) , it supposedly produces a hell lot of nuclear waste which again produces a lot of diseases too besides polluting the environment. It should have been kept under development till it has been perfected without any nuclear waste or side effects to the environment. Or it has to be discarded and seen as a failure of man.

Nuclear Energy

Thoughts to Ponder

The environment creates the Society, the Society the Economics, the Economics the Politics and so on. The human race forgot the environment from the start and started mostly from Economics and pondered a bit of Society. Everything till now is built on a mistake and the environment is bound to react.

Right now, drugs and the treatment is given 95% and more of human’s resources. Whereas solving environment problems is given only less than 5% of the resources. It has to be exactly the inverse. 95% to environment and prevention and 5% to treatment and drugs.

Again the Quest of man – The Holy Grail is not in treatment of disease (and Biotechnology) but in the restoration of the environment and its care.

Caution: This might be all theory

Road Downhill

January 21, 2011

Road Downhill

I have hit
the bottom
many times

Some times
it has been

A very close

Between Life
n Death

If one keeps
one pride

It’s a lonely
& rocky

With only
one’s guts
n gumption

By one’s

At times,
one is

The feeling
is lousy

One just
wants to
shake out

Break away
from the

And fly
into heaven

But one
is stuck

And just
sticks on

Hoping for
a different

For a
sunny day

And luck
shining one’s

As one is
already doing
all one

The next
day arrives

Bringing little

It’s another
tough ride

Till the
night cools
the heat

One just
ambles on

Day after

It’s lonely
& rocky

The road

CAUTION: This might be all theory

The Terrorist

January 21, 2011

The Terrorist

Terrorist are poor people who are gonna die anyway (Mostly from the east and the under privileged sections of the Society). So they choose to kill others and die for which their family is compensated. They kill civilians mostly unarmed which hardly requires any courage. Courage is to fight with equals or with people who are more mighty than you. It is indeed a cowardly act to kill civilians, mostly innocent who are just living a day-to-day life and are hardly interested in politics or trouble to other people.


Some of the terrorist attacks have been in America, England and my country India. The most famous being the “9/11” bombing of the WTC Towers.


London Bombings
Mumbai Attacks

My birth city Mumbai, India which I currently reside was attacked on 26/11. Hundreds of people were killed. My friends & family reside in Mumbai too. Besides checking on them, a thought came to me – Would I have fought against the terrorist if I would have been around them or would I choose to run away (so that I am safe and I can return to my friends & family)? I would have surely died but could have saved a hundred other lives. Might be a good question for all of us.

Justification for Terrorism

Although they might be celebrated in some parts of the World, the notion that they are fighting for a cause and against the troubles inflicted by others (mostly the West) is faulty. The only way one can fight against the evil and unjust is to develop one’s capability which would be to innovate, generate employment and create the infrastructure within their own Society. Economic & Social progress for themselves would automatically inhibit any unjust outside intervention and damage. One cannot solve one’s own problems by inflicting damage to other Societies, countries & civilians. Gandhi fought against the mighty British by peaceful means and chucked them out of his country, India. He tried to build self-reliance among its own people and non-co-operation against the British. This was enough for the British to run away from India.

Mahatma Gandhi


How do we uproot Terrorism?

They wouldn’t become a terrorist if there was sufficient infrastructure for them to earn a living for themselves and their family. If the “Haves” can share their wealth with the “Haves-not”, I am sure we can uproot terrorism for good. Otherwise they would continue to boil in the poor parts of the World. All we need to do is contribute to their surrounding for the uplifting of the poor. This will disable the terrorist infrastructure too.Other than this the top developed nations (America, Russia, Germany, France, England) have to learn to use technology for positive purpose – for the good of Society. They need to disarm their missiles, nuclear weapons and shut down the arms race which is destroying the human race (The two previous World Wars- I &II have killed millions of people), affecting the environment and created much hatred among the “Have’s Not”.

Nuclear Arms Race

Arms Companies

Violence and Guns are gonna lead us nowhere but the hole. It’s a never-ending race to the graveyard which no one can win. Lets give peace a chance once again.  Is it possible in today’s times?

Caution: This might be all theory

Love Once Again

January 20, 2011

Love Once Again

The heart
hits a

A smile
on my

The Joy

The Mind

And the
body jumpin
up and

At the
of my

I shiver
trying to
the moment

My eyes

Lookin for

A restlessness
in me

Then a
dip and
a swing
in my

With the

Not to be
around her

I try to
put my
brains into

No explanation
seems to
satisfy my
hungry heart

Only a hug
would do

But I need
to wait
for her

Wait till
we meet

And for
Love to
flow once

CAUTION: This might be all theory