How to manage a Country of a Billion People – III – Case Study (Germany)

How to manage a Country of a Billion People – III – Case Study (Germany)

Germany along with the rest of the Europe countries like England, France led the World with its philosophical and scientific work which would go on and give the World the material wealth it has today.

Germany’s Struggle to Find Itself: The World Wars

Germany’s ambition led the World into two World Wars (I and II)  in the early 19th century. It created vast scale loss of life and destruction of property for the World. But it also heralded Germany into the leading countries of the World with excellent infrastructure. It would go on to become one of the leading exporters of the World for house, automobile and clothing industries. Germany is the only country in the World which symbolizes “Perfection” and it can be seen in its
manufacturing output.


Revolution: Philosophical, Industrial, Nuclear , Automobile, & Construction

Germany saw many revolutions in its country: philosophical, Industrial, Nuclear ,  Auto-mobile, & Construction. The philosophical revolution in the 17th and 18th century with the likes of Kant, Schopenhauer established the social fabric in the country. This led on to the Industrial Revolution (along with England) where it build world-class infrastructure for its citizens across the entire country.

List of German Philosophers
Industrial Revolution
Second Industrial Revolution

It would also go on to see Nuclear, Automobile, & Construction Revolutions in the country where it would build Energy products, World class Auto-mobiles and road infrastructure products and home construction products. Scientist like Einstein, Heisenberg and Schrödinger would give the World Nuclear Energy. Pioneers like Gottlieb Daimler would give the World high-speed cars.

German Nuclear Project
Gottlieb Daimler
List of German Cars

Leaders: Philosophers, Scientist

Germany has produced some of the most prolific personalities in the world with the likes of Albert Einstein, Schrödinger, Immanuel Kant, Schopenhauer. They have given the World some of the leading ideas, inventions and products which have bought immense wealth. This has again emphasized that a country is known by its leaders.


Road to Perfection

Germany’s continuous strife for Perfection has led it to be one of the wealthiest Societies of the World with the best available infrastructure. India can learn a lot from Germany’s risk taking abilities, its drive for perfection, to build the best in class products. India currently imports everything in the World and is only an outsourcing destination till date. If it has to go anywhere (ditto China), she has to build products. Products with Perfection. Borrowing a page from Germany is best what we can do as we are at least a few centuries behind them.

Germany has the one of the World’s leading Civilizations where its leaders are pondering on issues like Multiculturalism, Arms & Ammunitions, World Trade and Economies, Employment. It will continue to be one of the World’s leading countries for centuries to come.

Caution: This might be theory and possibly be borrowed from other text


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  1. Deepak Says:


    Germany’s labour market
    Across the Oder
    This weekend a nervous Germany must let in workers from the east


  2. Deepak Says:


    Minister: Germany to go nuke free by 2022


  3. Deepak Says:


  4. Deepak Says:


    Germany invented the bicycle and the car, and England is teaching a dog to ride them.

    Is it possible to teach a monkey in India to ride a latest Mercedes?


  5. Deepak Says:


    Lernen Sie bitte Deutsch (German Language!)


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