The Quest for a Society in India – IV (Traffic)

The Quest for a Society in India – IV  (Traffic)

Traffic sense is the simplest sign to show whether any Society is present in a country, city or town or now. Traffic sense can prevail with the help of automation (signals), manned signals (Police) or without them. If traffic sense prevails without any automation or police officers, it shows highest civilized Society. A lot of times, there might be a loss of automation at traffic points or police officers taking a break, sense of traffic then shows evolution of the Society. It shows sense of co-operation and trust between fellow beings.

Below we look at two countries, America and India (My Home Country), where i have stayed for long period of times.


America has the most automated signals I have ever seen in any country. The signals have some sense of sensors too facilitating traffic and easing congestion. Police officers are also abound nearby ready for help.

I once observed one of the most awesome display of Society in action. The traffic signals were off and the police officers were yet to arrive at the scene. The traffic was fairly high and I was in one of the cars (I never knew how to work this case out, so I might be the odd man out). Nevertheless, I saw stacks of cars from each direction going ahead turn by turn. After a few rows of cars from one direction had passed by the signal, the next row automatically stopped. Then the traffic from the next right started flowing. This kept on happening. I was dumbfounded! America showing its soft power to me.


India is yet to evolve as a Society in every sense. There are not enough traffic signals with no sensors too. There is also a shortage of manned police officers regulating the traffic. I have seen police offices being overwhelmed by the normal citizens not heeding to them (breaking rules in front of them). There is absolutely no traffic sense when there are no traffic signals or police officers. Its like everyone is on their own without any co-operation or trust. This is present in most forward cities of the country like Mumbai.

We always thought of America being an individualistic country. But the traffic sense showed me how evolved their sense of Society is. They also have excellent public infrastructure (roads, power, water). One can drink tap water too without filtering it. India has a long way to go either ways – in industrial development or as a Society. Mebbe we are just on our first step towards our journey of a thousand steps towards forming a Society. Looks like we lost our way somewhere in between.

Caution: This might be all theory

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6 Responses to “The Quest for a Society in India – IV (Traffic)”

  1. Deepak Says:


    American car companies build the massive road network in America during the early 20th century leading the way for further development of the Society. In America, a man is known as someone with two hands and four wheels.

    I wonder if Indian car companies like Mahindra, TATA and Maruti could take the lead in doing so. They don’t need to invent anything. Just copy paste from America or any European country too. What prevents is mebbe bureaucracy and red tape.

    Mebbe foreign car companies like GM, Ford, BMW, Mercedes can give it a shot. It is a sure shot way to sell more cars.


  2. Deepak Says:


    I forgot to add, development of infrastructure is only the first step towards evolution of Society. As seen by traffic sense from small towns like Pune to mega cities like Mumbai, there is a lot of development in terms of infrastructure but little development of cooperation between fellow beings when systems break down.

    It is like having a phone, but not speaking to anyone!


  3. Deepak Says:


    A Step Nearer To Understanding Superconductivity


    P.S: If you wanna remove traffic snarls & accidents, one must remove the influence by foreign countries on one’s own country

  4. Deepak Says:


    ‘Quantum Keys’ Sent 200 Kilometers: New Long-Distance Record


    P.S: Soon we would be able to travel from one city to another instantly!

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  6. Deepak Says:


    It’s gonna be a SNOW DAY for Denver, Colorado (Angry Nature gives a bit of extra snow to America)

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