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The Quest for a Society in India – IV (Traffic)

October 31, 2010

The Quest for a Society in India – IV  (Traffic)

Traffic sense is the simplest sign to show whether any Society is present in a country, city or town or now. Traffic sense can prevail with the help of automation (signals), manned signals (Police) or without them. If traffic sense prevails without any automation or police officers, it shows highest civilized Society. A lot of times, there might be a loss of automation at traffic points or police officers taking a break, sense of traffic then shows evolution of the Society. It shows sense of co-operation and trust between fellow beings.

Below we look at two countries, America and India (My Home Country), where i have stayed for long period of times.


America has the most automated signals I have ever seen in any country. The signals have some sense of sensors too facilitating traffic and easing congestion. Police officers are also abound nearby ready for help.

I once observed one of the most awesome display of Society in action. The traffic signals were off and the police officers were yet to arrive at the scene. The traffic was fairly high and I was in one of the cars (I never knew how to work this case out, so I might be the odd man out). Nevertheless, I saw stacks of cars from each direction going ahead turn by turn. After a few rows of cars from one direction had passed by the signal, the next row automatically stopped. Then the traffic from the next right started flowing. This kept on happening. I was dumbfounded! America showing its soft power to me.


India is yet to evolve as a Society in every sense. There are not enough traffic signals with no sensors too. There is also a shortage of manned police officers regulating the traffic. I have seen police offices being overwhelmed by the normal citizens not heeding to them (breaking rules in front of them). There is absolutely no traffic sense when there are no traffic signals or police officers. Its like everyone is on their own without any co-operation or trust. This is present in most forward cities of the country like Mumbai.

We always thought of America being an individualistic country. But the traffic sense showed me how evolved their sense of Society is. They also have excellent public infrastructure (roads, power, water). One can drink tap water too without filtering it. India has a long way to go either ways – in industrial development or as a Society. Mebbe we are just on our first step towards our journey of a thousand steps towards forming a Society. Looks like we lost our way somewhere in between.

Caution: This might be all theory

The loss of Faith in Indian Society – I (Overview)

October 30, 2010

The loss of Faith in Indian Society – I (Overview)

As we grow up, people around us shape our outlook towards life. The brain is already evolved, however it needs the ability to solve real life problems which one faces as when grows up. Let us look at the East & the West exploring their faith in the Society and the reasons why it is a failure in the East.

In Western countries like America & Europe, because of the infrastructure provided, there is tremendous faith in the society and philanthropy exist. This infrastructure itself was created because of the risk taking ability, freedom, love for work and an open mind. People contribute to the Society which makes it self-healing also. Also people right from their childhood are left to do what they like which generally leads to a developed individual capable of working out real life problems vis-a-vis text-book type problems.

In countries like India, there is hardly any infrastructure. With rampant corruption, bureaucracy and lack of faith in creating products & infrastructure, there is hardly any faith left in the concept of Society. There is no concept of Philanthropy. Rural people lack basic amenities like power, roads and water. Cities too lack these amenities with additional complexity of growing population density leading to other problems like sewage and drainage problems, water and air pollution.

The basic infrastructure which we are maintaining now in India was laid down by the British in the 18-19th century for business. We lack the sense for building infrastructure for our own and the coming future generations future. It is mostly  because people in India are disallowed from thinking on their own and schools encouraging mugging up textbooks. Our Education System and our Culture too has a knack of coming up with things like that. There is no concept of Society in India. All there is a concept of ‘Family’, which too is disintegrating in the cities.

It is a huge task rebuilding the faith in Society in India which will involve overhauling our entire Culture & Education Systems. It will take generations to build without which, any progress and development would be hollow and fall on its face.

Caution: This might be all theory


October 23, 2010


Dont know
who I

Dont know
where am I

Trying my Luck
with Fate

The Dice of
my Life

As it rolls

Looking for
a Sweet

To fill

It seems
I am

In the Dust
of Time

Looking around

For Love, Thrill
and Joy

My bones

The skin

And the
blood flowing

Making me

Whether i am
up for another

CAUTION: This might be all theory

My Journey to discover Poverty: I – Satara

October 22, 2010

My Journey to dicover Poverty: I – Satara

My journey to discover Poverty led me to a town Satara in the interiors of Maharashtra – a 4 hour journey from Mumbai. I was trying to find a village in the interiors of Maharashtra, where i could see distinct poverty for myself. I have a home in Pune, so i took a pit-stop in Pune and then went on with my drive to Satara with my pup “Spicy Congo”.

Satara is also the resident of the remaining descendants of Shivaji – the thirteenth one. May be that’s why my interest got peaked in Satara, as i was trying to find the essence of the great warrior somewhere around in the town.

Spicy loves the countryside, maybe she was meant to be brought up in the jungle with a lot of open space, trees, mountains and grass plateaus. I saw her hopping around in joy as soon as she was let out in the open.

Satara now had become a bustling town with colleges, markets, fancy cars and homes of the urban class. I took a short spin and could see very little traces of Shivaji left. The town was fully commercialized with a bargain for anyone who has the dough. I moved a bit away from the town hub into the farms and i could see farmers ploughing their field.

Looks like i would have to travel further into the interiors of Maharashtra to discover Poverty, as i could hardly see anything out there (I have seen more poverty in Mumbai than in Satara)

Caution: This might be all theory

The Quest for a Society in India – III – Cleanliness

October 14, 2010

The Quest for a Society in India – III – Cleanliness

There are more than 6 billion people on Earth. As we live, we are continuously polluting the environment whether it is land, water or air. Each day, each passing minute, each second. Lets see below the ways by which we are polluting this planet, how we can prevent pollution and how we can recycle some of our waste into good stuff for the earth and most importantly, for us.

Industrial Pollution – Chemical, Electronic, Water & Air Pollution continuously

Industries are continuously producing goods for the mass consumers. In doing so, they produce a lot of pollution – land, water and air. All the chemicals, electronic, kitchen garbage are continuously passed in to the surrounding land, air and water. This creates enormous pollution & cleanliness stress on the environment.

Personal Pollution – Home Garbage (Kitchen Waste, Drainage, Water and Air Pollution)

The mass population of 6 billion needs food, water, shelter and air to live. They are continuously producing Kitchen Waste, Drainage, Water and Air Pollution which is again passed on the surrounding environment. The problem is more acute in developing countries as there is hardly any infrastructure for recycling this waste.


The best idea of achieving a clean and green Earth would be prevention of the pollution at the first place. If we can check this pollution, we would have done a lot to keep our surroundings clean. Industries need to recycle energy (solar), convert industry wastage into organic matter*, plan for appropriate location to set up their plants taking into environment as a priority. Reusable bags, dry and wet garbage separation, rationing of water and food by-products and other personal initiatives (tree plantation) can help us in prevention of pollution from our homes.

Companies in transformation of Sewage Disposal into Organic Waste, Energy Recycling, Trees plantation, Environment cleaning companies

With the increasing stress on the environment created by us each day, companies are being jump started in the area of transformation of Sewage Disposal into Organic Waste, Energy Recycling, Trees plantation and other environment cleaning companies. There is a whole industry which is now working on this area with venture funds, green arms of large companies, governments taking initiatives to clean our environment. However we need to a lot more to reach the goal of achieving a clean and green earth.

More on Cleanliness

Some of the other stuff which we need to tinker on are:
1. Urban Planning
2. Infrastructure connecting cities to towns and villages (Reducing urban crowding and pollution)
3. Population control measures **
4. Prevention of wars (Giving diplomacy a chance) (The Quest for Civilization – IV)
5. Development of science & technology for peace initiatives only

Some Reference Links in our fight for a clean and green Earth
1. Erin Brokovich
2. Google
3. Vermigold
4. Renewable Energy on Wikipedia
5. List of Renewable Energy Companies on Wikipedia
6. ** China’s One Child Policy

Caution: This might be all theory

The Quest for a Society in India – II

October 3, 2010

The Quest for a Society in India – II

This is the quest for the Indian Society to meet the challenging needs of the massive infrastructure required for the billion odd Indian Society (800 odd poor, 200 million middle class and the rest).

Roads, Water, Power

A Society is one where the common man is provided with at least the basic amenities like road, water, power. Other amenities like sewage disposal, drainage, alternate modes of transport are a must too. For the past few decades internet is also becoming a necessity.

Society In America

Most of the facilities like electricity, water, gas, heating and cooling are in-built if you rent or buy a place. These facilities are provided instantly and at a very less price. One can drink tap water too! The private companies in conjunction with the government in the early 20th century took a massive undertaking to build roads, railways and air infrastructure. The investment paid off which the country now is reaping and building further on it.

My first visit to America in 2000 shocked me. I could hardly belive the infrastructure difference between India (even Mumbai) and America. It took me a few days for the reality to sink in to me. America continues to build (retail, computers, internet and more) on the foundations laid early in the 20th century. If one has to see a western miracle, one has to travel the breadth of America. England too mirrors America in this respect.

Society In India

India missed the Industrial Revolution in the 18th and 19th century. The public infrastructure lags at least by a 1000 times as compared to any Western country. Its population has crossed a billion and it continues to grow, with the growth in the public infrastructure yet to grow at the same rate. I have traveled across the length and the breadth of the country and the infrastructure in all its measures is poor to say the least. Traffic wait times up to an hour to two, water scarcity, power cuts are on a regular basis.

I live in one of the foremost cities of IndiaMumbai. The infrastructure problems continue to dog the city. Traffic congestion, unclean city, water problems, lack of drainage and sewage infrastructure are common. The population is over 15 million while the city can max host up to a million residents. Smaller towns like Pune and Bangalore have power cuts for hours, huge road infrastructure problems with almost non-existent rail infrastructure.

Future of Society in India

We have to construct a Society like America where there is ample basic amenities for everyone in India. We need to build every part of India similar to that of Silicon Valley (San Francisco) or New York in the USA.

How do we get there?

The Indian private companies have to take the lead in creating this kind of infrastructure by partnering with the government. The government on its part has to liberalize the economy, reduce red tape and beauracracy and provide incentives for creating infrastructure in the country. That is the only way left and the time is now.

India’s surprising economic miracle

Caution: This might be all theory

The Road of Love

October 1, 2010

The Road of Love

On the Road of

One must be
Trust one’s
instincts only

Till the

On the Road
of Love

One can be
always happy
If one lets

Of everything
and oneself

On the Road
of Love

One can discover

If One feels
& revels

In One’s

On the Road
of Love

It might be

But One is
always assured

Of Joy & a

On the Road
of Love

Caution: This might be theory