The Quest for Civilization – IV

The Quest for Civilization – IV

In this part of quest for civilization, we look at some of the persistent struggles across the world for religion, natural resources and power, which has taken the toll of millions of lives. Let us delve deeper into the issues of these struggles and see if we can find out a common trace of cause in some of them. Is the fighting really for religion? Or underneath the surface, is it for greed- land, oil, gold, power?

Some of the struggles existing across the world are:

Ethnic fighting in Africa

– What is Ethnic fighting in Africa? It is a fight for natural resources (land, Oil, gold, diamonds) and power between two or more tribes. These tribes also fear annihilation which often results in more wars between them.
Israel and Arab Countries Land Issue

– The Middleast issue is over the holy land of Jerusalem, refugees, water and oil resources and power struggle in this region.
– Countries like AmericaRussia have significant interest in this region for oil and power. With America mostly supporting Israel and Russia supporting Iran.
 India Pakistan Land Issue
Most of the Hindu’s and Muslims originally living in separate lands. The only difference between the per-independence and post-independence was creation of three countries – IndiaPakistan and Bangladesh. And yes, also the loss of lives which occurred due to some transfer of people from one country to another.
– The fight for J&K is also for its vast natural resources and strategic location

 China and Japan Shrine Issue

– What is the Japan Shrine Issue? Is this issue coming up more rapidly because of China’s and Japan’s increasing influence over the World? How long this issue has been present?
– Is this an issue over gas in the area of East China Sea?
– Is the issue over Taiwan Strait?
China Japan Shrine Issue : 3
 Russia and Neighboring Countries Land Issue
– Is this an issue over land, oil?
– Is this an issue a power struggle?

As we see in most of the above struggles across the world are for natural resources (land, oil, gold, diamonds) & power rather than religion. The need for money has already outgrown Religion and God. However the common man often remains ignorant of the core issues in these struggles. They are made to believe that religion is the core issue. Where do we go from here now? Is there an amicable solution in all these issues which can be arrived at and the world can be made a peaceful place? This is a point to ponder on which we will look at in our next blog “The Quest for Civilization – V”

Caution: This might be all theory

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