The Quest for Civilization – III

The Quest for Civilization – III 

What is Civilization? Is it the race for more riches, money? Is it the growth in luxury goods one have? Expensive cars, homes, food, modes of communication? Is it the number of arms or nuclear heads one country has? Is it the chaos and wars being fought in the World between countries, within countries?

Or Is Civilization love, peace and order? Is Civilization settlement of dispute through peaceful ways rather than wars? Is Civilization the advancement of thought, science & technology for peaceful needs? There have been two World wars already been fought in the 20th Century with several more between countries for resources and other disputes.

The World has enough food, place for the entire population of the World. Yet there are 3 billion people in the World out of the total 7 billion living in hunger, illness and other disadvantage? Why is there such a disparity between the ‘Have’s & Have’s Not’? How can we be civilized when thousands of people die everyday out of hunger & disease? Asia and Africa have droughts, famines, disease, floods and other natural disasters which the civilization is unable to cope with?

Is Civilization a thin line between need and greed? Or between joy and desire? Or is it the quality of love & friendship between people?

So where do we go from here? We know currently the world is in a rat race. A race for supremacy, riches, luxury and the near future is colored with vast disparity between the Have’s and Have’s Not. How can one’s soul rest in peace when the other person nearby is dying in hunger (whatever the reason might be)? Each persons decision, however small it might be, will shape the future to come. A future where hopefully every person is free of hunger & disease.

Caution: This might be all theory

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  1. Deepak Says:

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    Loans Involving Tiny Amounts of Money Were a Good Idea, but the Explosion of Interest Backfires

    Debt trap leads to despair for rural poor

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