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Joy In Poverty

September 29, 2010

The Toy Story

One day I
saw an innocent

That of

My heart filled
with empathy

I spent some
time around

Wondering about
my own past

Then I set myself
back for my

Reminiscing about
a lot of

Love, friendship,
my past and the

I returned the
next day

Again looking
out for the
same face

It was there
only a bit

And with a

Reminding me of
the universal

Poverty has
no friends


September 29, 2010


As i lay on
my bed

With my Pup
by my side

I wonder about
my love life

And my loved

My friends &

I am lucky and
have been blessed
in the past

Each day

My heart thick
with all the
warm memories

That has passed

I set out
in wonder

The Quest for a Society in India – I

September 28, 2010

The Quest for a Society in India – I


In this first part of the “The Quest for a Society in India“, we look at what is a Society and its past, present and future in India. We look at the concept of Society during the British Rule and post Independence. In the next series of blogs, we will blow up each case of the Society in India and compare it with some of the most advanced civilizations in the World to check where we are and how far are we from reaching to a perfect Society.

Let us ponder for a little while on the question “What is a Society?”

A Society is a group of people with a system in place which has the following minimum amenities:
1. Ample Roads, Water & Power for everyone
2. Cleanliness & Sanitation
3. Road & Traffic Sense
4. Rules & Regulations
5. Business Environment – Free market economy, Liberalized
6. Freedom of expression & speech

The Past, Present and Future of Society in India

During the British Rule, roads and railways were set to connect cities for trade. The British also laid down the civil infrastructure required for day to day governing of the country. Post independence we have been building on the foundations laid by the British. However the population has ballooned* rapidly but the infrastructure demand (mainly roads, water & power) is well over 1000 times the current supply. Business environment is also very poor as compared to the developed economies with markets yet to be completely opened up to the world with a lot of red tape and bureaucracy.

America is close to what a perfect society can be with the infrastructure close to the demands of the people. The common man co-operates for the good of the whole society which benefits everyone in the long run. The markets are liberalized and the customer is the King.

In the next subsequent blogs, we would blow up each of the above points of our Indian Society to check where are we heading as a Society.

* There was a tremendous population growth in the 20th century with the population doubling every 10 years from about 50 million in the beginning of the 20th century to about 1200 million at the end of the 20th century.

Caution: This might be all theory


September 25, 2010


I met a guy
in school

I tagged along
with all my

Till now

He became
my best pal

And I am lost
without him

We grew up


And stayed close
to each other

Through thick
and thin

We both are
now old

Been there
done that

He is the
only thread

To my past
present &

Now my last
wish is

My soul rest
next to his

Caution: This might be all theory

The Quest for Civilization – IV

September 23, 2010

The Quest for Civilization – IV

In this part of quest for civilization, we look at some of the persistent struggles across the world for religion, natural resources and power, which has taken the toll of millions of lives. Let us delve deeper into the issues of these struggles and see if we can find out a common trace of cause in some of them. Is the fighting really for religion? Or underneath the surface, is it for greed- land, oil, gold, power?

Some of the struggles existing across the world are:

Ethnic fighting in Africa

– What is Ethnic fighting in Africa? It is a fight for natural resources (land, Oil, gold, diamonds) and power between two or more tribes. These tribes also fear annihilation which often results in more wars between them.
Israel and Arab Countries Land Issue

– The Middleast issue is over the holy land of Jerusalem, refugees, water and oil resources and power struggle in this region.
– Countries like AmericaRussia have significant interest in this region for oil and power. With America mostly supporting Israel and Russia supporting Iran.
 India Pakistan Land Issue
Most of the Hindu’s and Muslims originally living in separate lands. The only difference between the per-independence and post-independence was creation of three countries – IndiaPakistan and Bangladesh. And yes, also the loss of lives which occurred due to some transfer of people from one country to another.
– The fight for J&K is also for its vast natural resources and strategic location

 China and Japan Shrine Issue

– What is the Japan Shrine Issue? Is this issue coming up more rapidly because of China’s and Japan’s increasing influence over the World? How long this issue has been present?
– Is this an issue over gas in the area of East China Sea?
– Is the issue over Taiwan Strait?
China Japan Shrine Issue : 3
 Russia and Neighboring Countries Land Issue
– Is this an issue over land, oil?
– Is this an issue a power struggle?

As we see in most of the above struggles across the world are for natural resources (land, oil, gold, diamonds) & power rather than religion. The need for money has already outgrown Religion and God. However the common man often remains ignorant of the core issues in these struggles. They are made to believe that religion is the core issue. Where do we go from here now? Is there an amicable solution in all these issues which can be arrived at and the world can be made a peaceful place? This is a point to ponder on which we will look at in our next blog “The Quest for Civilization – V”

Caution: This might be all theory

Love over Lust

September 22, 2010

Love over Lust

There are two
roads in front
of me

The road of Love
and that of

One is tough & the
other easy

For love, one would
need to cross a
mountain at the

And for the other
one would have to
face it at the

One based on
god of small

And the other
based on glamor
and blitz

The Path to Love
one cannot see

And the other
is a slide to

One must choose
and choose one
must wisely

Love or Lust

CAUTION: This might be all theory

Home Sweet Home

September 19, 2010

Home Sweet Home

As I move back

A place I lived
for 20 years of
my initial life
Which i call it
my resting place

I then wandered
off around the

Far and Wide

From the east to
the far west

To know more
about people &

Now its been 15

I am old
and as I make

My way into my

All my childhood
memories erupting
like a volcano

Making my heart

To all my lost

My friends & my

CAUTION: This might be all theory


September 17, 2010


I moved into
another town

All alone lonely
trying to pass
my time

I met a bud
with a lot of

He was the
center one

With all the others
revolving around

The bud opened
into me

It bought a burst
of sunshine

Withering all the rust
in my heart

Like a splash of
water in a fountain

Opening up all the
pores in my mind


Caution: This might be all theory

Doggy Days – I: A Morning in My Life

September 8, 2010

Doggy Days – I: A Morning in My Life

As I wake up
and look around

It is dark and my
master is still

I dig my teeth into
his arms

But i can see no

He lies dead on
his bed

I take a walk
around the home

And look out for
left overs

I see a bird or two

Looking out to take
a dig at my food from
last night

I run and grab

But it aint enough

My stomach is still

Helpless, i return to
my masters bed

I lie next to him
waiting for him to
wake up

At-last i see some
movements in him

I am thrilled & begin
to lick him

He finally gets up
and treats me to

In the wee hours of

CAUTION: This might be all theory

Womb to Tomb

September 6, 2010

Womb to Tomb

As I sit still
looking out of
the window

The past, present
and future mingle
into my mind

I reminiscence of all
the good times spent
with my friends, family
and close ones

I wander off to far away
lands from Africa to

I also travel back to the
times of Ashoka, Akbar

And then to the future
wondering what am I doing
and where am I going
A flash occurs through my
mind, my entire life from
womb to tomb is just a blip

My mind wanders off
further and I stir up
myself to the thought

I need to fill up
more fun in my life

Cherish more good times
with my friends and family

And then i hear a familiar

My dog calls out for me
to take her for a walk

CAUTION: This might be all theory