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The Have’s and Have’s-Not: Part IV

July 27, 2010

The Have’s and Have’s-Not: Part IV

Immigration from South to the North (Or East to the West)

If you look at the history of mankind, you can pretty much pin it to the discovery and innovation of the few people who had the love, courage and talent.

A lot of people emigrated from the East to the West to get rid of poverty or for better opportunities. Although their standard of living was raised as the West provides certain basic amenities for all. However they still are in a poor state and condition, as compared to the natives of the West. This is because of a foreign environment and a natural feeling of being an outsider or foreigner. For heroes to emerge in these communities and to take them ahead is much more difficult task and hence the probability of them improving is much less as compared to the native people.

America is an exception where they created an ecosystem & infrastructure which allowed the foreigners to be a part of their community and innovate. A lot of outsiders in America have become heroes and bought wealth to their community both in America and their native countries of origin in the World. (Not that it has not brought wealth to America also!)

This brings forth multiple questions. Why is East yet to prosper in terms of innovation and bringing quality products to the World? When people from East travel to the West, only a few among them prosper even though there is the infrastructure. What about the rest of the lot? Why only in America, outsiders are able to flourish? What is the cultural and business ecosystem which enables this evolution and growth among the people of the East in America?

CAUTION: This might be all theory

The Have’s and Have’s-Not: Part III

July 25, 2010

The Have’s and Have’s-Not: Part III

People need to evolve & progress. What are some of the ways to progress?

The West (America & Europe) spend all their energy in discovering, industrialization and material development. While the East missed the industrialization and the best way thought by them to progress was to reproduce. However they did not industrialize at the same rate. So the population of the East ballooned by more than 5 times while the population of the West remained stagnant. This caused a vast disparity between the population need and availability of natural resources in the East as compared to the West. Why the West chose the path of discovery whereas the East was sleeping in the 15th and 16th century is unknown to me as off today?

We must also examine, why the population growth ballooned in the Southern part of the World (India, China & Africa) from 0.75 billion to 3.5 billion in the last 50 years? (From 1950 to 2000). One reason is most of this part of the world got freedom from imperialist & foreign rule in the early 20th century. This gave a lot of freedom to common man. With gold in their eyes, they rapidly reproduced which was the easiest way to increase wealth in the family (More the hands, more the wealth).However their wealth producing power did not increase at the same pace, because the environment, natural resources could not sustain the rapid population growth. Not that they discovered and innovated. (I shouldn’t be saying this as I am the product of this mentality!)

So as a short summary, the west looked to progress by discovery and innovation, while the east looked to grow by numbers to increase wealth. Quality v/s Quantity.

: This might be all theory

The Have’s and Have’s-Not: Part II

July 24, 2010

The Have’s and Have’s-Not: Part II

One must be taught to fish rather than be given fish

I have been thinking about the rich in the western countries and the rich in the eastern countries. Why do we dislike the rich in the western countries and blame them for not doing enough? Even the rich in the poor countries hardly do much for the poor in the poor countries. In fact a lot of rich people in the western countries do more (philanthropy, transfer of technology) for the poor than the rich people in the eastern countries.

I have been also thinking about the poor in the rich countries. There is enough infrastructure, opportunities out there for them to get rich. So why are they still poor?

Also the road from the poor to the rich pretty much looks like the survival of the fittest (Charles Darwin). There are rich people in every section of the world. How did they get rich while the other remain poor? Why dont the rich people in these sections share their wealth with the poor? Would sharing the wealth really help the poor getting out of poverty? It can help survive the poor for a day, may be a month, max a year. What after that? One must be taught to fish rather than be given fish.

CAUTION: This might be all theory

The Have’s & Have’s-Not: Part I

July 23, 2010

The Have’s & Have’s-Not: Part I

This is first article aimed at bridging the gap between rich and poor

I have long wondered about the “Have’s” and “Have’s Not”. Why there is such a huge disparity? What do we do about it? What is my role? Am i also responsible for the same? Why don’t the rich share their wealth with the poor? Are the rich entitled to enjoy their wealth when millions are dying of poverty & illness?

I have also wondered that the West (particularly countries like America, Germany & England) have done so well for themselves over the past few centuries, do they deserve it? Why the path to sharing their wealth & technology is so slow with the poor in the South (particularly Asia and Africa). How did they got rich at the first place? Was it all pot of gold which they discovered? Or was it a journey made through lot of trials, tribulations and hard work. We would have to study the history of America, Europe for the same.

I have also wondered there are so many poor people living in Asia & Africa without food, water and land. More than a couple of billion. How did this problem come about to be? How do we solve this problem? Even if we give all the money in the world to them, would it solve the problem? How do we develop infrastructure in these places?

The answer to all the puzzle above might be a single word Quality. Quality at every level. Without quality one can hardly build infrastructure required to solve problems of this scale. what is the recipe for growth and development? How does one get Quality? Is the answer to this question: Love, Courage and Talent?

There are many other questions which we have to answer before we go about bringing equality in the world, without which any change would be short-lived. Do the poor in Asia & Africa have the Love, Courage & Talent even when they are struggling, to bring about Quality in what little they are doing? Why should the rich sit up and notice them? Why should the rich invest in them?

It’s a long way before we get rid of poverty & illness forever. But it is possible. Lets discover in the next few articles, how would we go about doing this.

CAUTION: This might be all theory

The Morning

July 12, 2010

The Morning

As I wake up

Twist and
turn in my

The sun streaming
through the

My past life
zipping through

My friends
my closed ones

All the people
whom i have dotted
in my lifetime

I cherish all the

Now as i sit

With tea in my
hand I realize

As I criss cross
the world

I must seek
out courage
and talent

for Friendship

CAUTION: This might be all theory