South America: Land of ‘Che Guevara’

South America: Land of ‘Che Guevara’

South America is the continent which gave and set the standard for a “Rebel” for the world to follow. It is the land of ‘*Che Guevara‘. Che Guevara was an expert in guerrilla warfare. He would go on to become a revolutionary & to defy the World’s only Superpower ‘America‘. He would join the ranks of soldiers who fought against the America ‘s regime in South America. Let us explore the history of this amazing continent in chronological order, her past struggles and future outlook.

History of South America

South America’s history of civilization dates back 6500 BC. A lot of Africans escaped “Slave Trade” from the 16th-19th century and found home in South America, especially Brazil. It then went on to free itself from the Spanish Empire in the 19th century. During these centuries, it experienced a lot of changes in its Social Structures.

Economy of South America

The Economy of South America is rich in metals, oil and agricultural resources. There are reasonably well developed manufacturing industries and are now expanding their base in the services sector. It has 350 billion people and its GDP is $4 trillion dollars. Countries like Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Brazil have reasonably well developed economies. However recently these economies are stuttering from external debt.

What next?

The continent became one of the battlegrounds of the Cold War. A lot of the local regimes were displaced by US-influenced regimes. There have been a lot of revolutionary movements, coups but now more or less have some kind of democratic rule endues with a path to greater integration of the continent. Can leaders of highest like Che Guevara come out of this continent in the future? If yes, this continent would follow on the footsteps of Europe, USA to become the World’s next Superpower?

** Spanish Trivia

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Caution: This might be all theory

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3 Responses to “South America: Land of ‘Che Guevara’”

  1. Ana Foster Says:

    Hello, very useful article, really!

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  3. theimpatientraveler Says:

    Thanks for the information. I’m planning on traveling to South America this coming year and can’t wait for all that’s to come:)

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