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South America: Land of ‘Che Guevara’

March 20, 2010

South America: Land of ‘Che Guevara’

South America is the continent which gave and set the standard for a “Rebel” for the world to follow. It is the land of ‘*Che Guevara‘. Che Guevara was an expert in guerrilla warfare. He would go on to become a revolutionary & to defy the World’s only Superpower ‘America‘. He would join the ranks of soldiers who fought against the America ‘s regime in South America. Let us explore the history of this amazing continent in chronological order, her past struggles and future outlook.

History of South America

South America’s history of civilization dates back 6500 BC. A lot of Africans escaped “Slave Trade” from the 16th-19th century and found home in South America, especially Brazil. It then went on to free itself from the Spanish Empire in the 19th century. During these centuries, it experienced a lot of changes in its Social Structures.

Economy of South America

The Economy of South America is rich in metals, oil and agricultural resources. There are reasonably well developed manufacturing industries and are now expanding their base in the services sector. It has 350 billion people and its GDP is $4 trillion dollars. Countries like Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Brazil have reasonably well developed economies. However recently these economies are stuttering from external debt.

What next?

The continent became one of the battlegrounds of the Cold War. A lot of the local regimes were displaced by US-influenced regimes. There have been a lot of revolutionary movements, coups but now more or less have some kind of democratic rule endues with a path to greater integration of the continent. Can leaders of highest like Che Guevara come out of this continent in the future? If yes, this continent would follow on the footsteps of Europe, USA to become the World’s next Superpower?

** Spanish Trivia

Hello – “Hola!”
Good Morning – “Buenos Días”—The-Simple-One&id=1242886

Caution: This might be all theory

Africa: Needs a Ride, Anyone Interested?

March 19, 2010


Africa, the oldest civilization on Earth, has been in turmoil since the beginning. Even now civil wars, internal strife is common in countries like Congo. The continent has over a billion people and natural resources, however it is yet to capitalize on it and flourish. What is stopping Africa to become like America & China? What will it need for them to bring about this change? Would it be external countries or there would be leaders & inventors like Abraham Lincoln, James Watt, Issac Newton, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, who would walk in this continent? Let us explore in this blog. Below is a set of chronological set of events in the history of Africa up to the present times.

History of Africa

The oldest civilization of man existed in Africa from 1.9million BC. The Egyptian rule formed its existence from 3300BC  up-to the 7th Century. Alexander, the Great formed Alexandria in Egypt which would go on to form the center for Roman rule. This part of Africa area was then integrated into the Roman system. From the 9th to the 18th century, organization was majorly local and existed in terms of families or small states (More than 10000). From the 17th to the 20th Century, major slave trade existed in Africa. In the 19th century, the European powers fought for domination over Africa. History of Africa in a nutshell.



Civil War

Africa has been rife with civil wars, coups and internal strife. Wars like Congo civil wars, East African Campaign War, Boer War, etc and more than 42 coups, have drained her resources and left her with devastation, poverty and diseases.




Africa‘s GDP is about $2.5 billion with 1 billion people to survive. Africa has natural resources – Oil, Metals, Diamonds, Fish, Animals. It has a developed agricultural industry however it lacks in manufacturing, services. Africa is yet to experience the manufacturing & services miracle which countries like USA, Japan, China, Russia have experienced and India is on the way.



Poverty, Disease, Mortality Rate

Africa is stricken with poverty & diseases due to long periods of instability, civil wars and lack of progress. The reasons for all of these are similar to that of India’s (however India has the advantage of being one country with 1 billion people whereas Africa has more than 50 countries with 1 billion people again). The problems are like tribe wars, corruption, lack of leaders with vision.

External Influence from Countries

Arab Countries

Arab has considerable influence in the past in influencing trade in Africa through introduction of camel, maritime industry. Arab Africa’s economy is closely linked to the economies of Europe & Middle-East.



America has been and would be investing in Africa. However the companies of America need a initial stable environment before they can provide value to the region and themselves. Anything they do would be for the long run (100+ years). Extreme patience would be required from both sides in order for mutual benefit.



China has had a rich history of relations with Africa and has invested more than $1 billion in Africa currently. The investment and partnership would be crucial for Africa if it has to lift majority of its people out of poverty and disease (it can follow the China story)



The African Icons around the World

Leaders like Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Tiger Woods, Barack Obama have made a mark around the world. They represent what any African can do in this world.



What next?

Africa, one of the most populous places, is also the most underdeveloped regions on Earth. The common man of Africa is yet to get his share of place in this World. What will it take for Africa to achieve this? With civil wars, coups, conflicting interest between countries in the same continent, external influence, it will take more than one leader from Africa to change her course to glory. Leaders of the highest quality. A feat which perhaps no leader in the world has dared to undertake yet.

Africa calling? Anyone interested?

*** In Accra, you say ‘meeng-gah-bou’ for ‘Hello’.
* Che Guevara in Congo:

Caution: This might be all theory

A lot of facts are picked up from the Internet and Wikipedia

Scandinavian Countries: Small is Big

March 18, 2010

Scandinavian Countries: Small is Big

Scandinavian (sometimes called as Nordic Countries) countries mainly consist of the following countries: Denmark, Finland and Norway (Finland & Iceland). These countries have a small population and geographical size, however a large mixed economy.

Scandinavian Countries:

History of Scandinavian Countries

The Scandinavian Countries have a long history starting from the Stone Age, their reformation in the 15th century to their current times of  integration with Europe.

History of Scandinavian Countries:

Economy of Scandinavian Countries

Denmark’s GDP is $200 billion and has one of the most free financial and product markets. It has one of the most flexible labor markets and is the leading country in the world regarding electronic dissemination.


Norway’s GDP is $250 billion and has a mixed economy. It is rich in natural resources like oil, metals, ship and fish.


Sweden’s GDP is $350 billion and again has a mixed economy. It has an excellent distribution system, communication systems and a skilled labor force. It is known to be the World’s most creative place to hang around.


Finland’s GDP is $200 billion and has a highest industrialized free market economy. The largest sector of the economy is services, followed by manufacturing and refinery.


Iceland’s GDP is $12 billion and has a mixed economy with fish, minerals and animal products.


The Magik of Scandinavian Countries

These countries, though small in size, have done amazing in terms of the economy, quality of products & living standards of their people. Their per-capita income is one of the highest in the world in the past. Where do they go on from here?

CAUTION: This might be all theory

England: The Lost Kohinoor of the World

March 17, 2010

England – The Lost Kohinoor Of The World

(Caution: This might be all theory)

England was the first country to achieve global domination. It started the Industrial Revolution, which is responsible for the World as we view it today. The country oozed with talent  – William Shakespeare, Charles Darwin, Issac Newton, James Watt, Herbert Spencer, Joule, Faraday, Boyle and many more. The AmericanEngland war for the freedom of America and then the progress of America in almost every field, dented the confidence of England. She then went on to became stagnant and now needs to start all over again.

History of England

England was inhabited by humans 230,000 years ago, however continuous civilization dates back 12000 years ago. England was ruled by the Romans, Germanic tribes, the French and the Normans till the end of Dark Ages (15th Century). From the 16th to the 19th century, England was under the rule of Kings and Queens, till it started to expand the electorate of common people and the formation of democracy to the present times.


Industrial Revolution

Issac Newton came out with the basic laws of motion of physical bodies. He laid down the foundations which would herald the industrial revolution in England and around the World. England became the sole industrial power in the world in the 18th & 19th Century.

James Watt discovered “The Steam Engine” which revolutionized the way physical bodies move from one place to another. It got people closer across the continents and shrunk the world fostering travel and exchange of goods and materials like never before.

World Power

On the heels of success created due to Industrial Revolution, they went on to become the only country to ever have ruled the world. It was said of the British Empire “The Sun never sets on the British Empire“.

World War 1

World War I was a military conflict which lasted from 1914-1918 and involved most of the World’s greatest powers. More than 15 million people were killed resulting in one of the deadliest conflicts in the history of mankind. England fought the war with the Allies.

World War 2

World War II again was one of the most deadliest conflicts in the history of mankind. More than seventy million people were killed. It also involved the Holocaust and the first use of nuclear weapons. England again fought the war with the Allies.

Art?  Writing? Music?

England is the only country to have produced artist, writers and musicians in abundance and they seem to continue to so even  to the present times. William Shakespeare, J.K.Rowling, Dire Straits, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Coldplay, George Michael are some of the people amongst the many to have painted on the canvas of Art itself.

What next?

How do we surmise England in one sentence – “Been there, Done that”. Post-19th century they somehow seem to have lost their way. Now what? Good question. For them to find the answer to this question, they will have to change some of their current ways and become aggressive, reignite innovation & creativity and need to adopt American value system of work.

*** I always thought Isaac Newton was an Italian and Charles Darwin was an American.  I am sorry, I was wrong on both counts. They were the Kohinoor’s of England

* Ramanujan was a Indian mathematician who was called to England by Hardy to capitalize on his skills and produce some of the greatest mathematical theorems which are still studied and applied.

** Trivia about England

Country Social Structure Economy Exports & Imports Companies
England Constitutional Monarchy Parliamentary Democracy GDP = $1.9 trillion Ninth Largest Exporter ($468 billion) BP
51 Million People 5th Largest Economies of the World $520 Billion (6th Largest Importer) HSBC
Unemployment Rate: 6.3% Royal Bank of Scotland
Current Ruling Party: Conservative Democratic Party Barclays
Prime Minister: Gordon Brown, Monarch: Queen Elizabeth II HBOS
Lloyds TSB
BT Group

Japan – The Most Underestimated Country in the World

March 16, 2010

Japan – The Most Underestimated Country in the World

Can a country implode into dust and then rise from the ashes to become the world’s second most largest economy in the world? All this in matter of a few decades. Japan gets ambitious and attacks America in her home ground – Pearl Harbor (No country has ever attempted to do so). America drops two nuclear bombs on Japan (Hiroshima and Nagasaki) and she is humbled. Again Japan is the first and the only country till now to experience nuclear devastation. It then consolidates its spirit, rebuilds her economy into the second largest economy with world class companies like Toyota, Honda. Japan then goes on to humble America, although in a economic sense (and America accepts)***. Below is a set of chronological set of events in the history of Japan.

Japanese History

Japan has existed since the earliest times from 30000BC to the present times. The civilization of Japan started around 30000BC, the ancient Japan with local clans from 10000BC to 538AD, the imperialistic control existed from 538AD to 1185AD, the Shogunate period from 1185-1867 AD (which also involved the rule of Samurai’s), 1868AD to present times – the modern Japan.

History of Japan:

World War I

World War I was a military conflict which lasted from 1914-1918 and involved most of the World’s greatest powers. More than 15 million people were killed resulting in one of the deadliest conflicts in the history of mankind. Japan entered the war attacking Germany and China. By the end of the First World War, it was among the top 4 countries of the World.
World War I –

World War 2

World War II again was one of the most deadliest conflicts in the history of mankind. More than seventy million people were killed. It also involved the Holocaust and the first use of nuclear weapons. Japan bombed ‘Pearl Harbor‘ and in turn America bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Japan was humbled, with her pride hurt in this war.
World War II –

Post War Industrialization

After the World War II, the country was in shambles. With almost no resources and wide-scale devastation from the World War II, they rebuilt their entire country into the world’s second largest economy. Details about the economic might of Japan is enlisted below:

Economy Exports Imports Companies
GDP = $5 trillion Fourth Largest Exporter ($776.8 billion) Fifth Largst Importer ($696.2 billion) Toyota
Second Largest National Economy by Nominal GDP Nintendo
NTT Docomo
Third  Largest in Purchasing Power Parity Canon
They produce more than half of the world’s robots in the world Honda
Takeda Pharmaceutical
Nippon Steel

What next?

Japan* is already the foremost country in the field of ‘Robotics’****. It has developed walking & cleaning robots, robots in industry and robots as personal assistants to Japanese people especially the old people. It has already answered the following question ‘How can a country with minimum or no natural resources become one of the world’s foremost powers?’. And in what style. Where would this country like to go next in the future? I leave this question to be answered by Japan herself.

*** We underestimate talent of Japanese people by at-least 100 times, may be because of other superpowers like America, Russia. May be because Japanese are reticent people. Or may be because of its small geographical size.


*A little trivia about Japan

Country Social Structure Political
Japan Unitary Constitutional Monarchy with an emperor and an elected parliament, the Diet Current Ruling Party: Social Liberal Democratic Party of Japan
128 Million People, Tenth Largest Populous Country Bicameral Parliament
High Standard of Living, 10th Highest HDI Prime Minister: Yukio HatoYama
Highest Life Expectancy in the World, Third Lowest Infant Mortality Rate
19.5% of population is above the age of 65
Japanese population is expected to drop to 100 million by 2050 and to 64 million by 2100

CAUTION: This might be all theory

Russia: Turmoil, Glory & the Journey Beyond

March 15, 2010

Russia: Turmoil, Glory & the Journey Beyond

(Caution: This might be all theory)

Russia has been a country which has gone through great turmoil, both internally & externally. There have been Civil Wars and World Wars. However its glory is in its artist like writers (Leo Tolstoy), musicians (Tchaikovsky), sports-persons and technological scientists.

It is the country which had the gumption to defy “The United States of America”.  And in turn become the country in the world which might have the right mixture of East & West Values. Below is a set of chronological set of events in the history of Russia, the only country which can win admiration as well as affection***.

World War 1

World War I was a military conflict which lasted from 1914-1918 and involved most of the World’s greatest powers. More than 15 million people were killed resulting in one of the deadliest conflicts in the history of mankind.

Russian Revolution

Russian Revolution was a series of revolutions which took place in Russia overthrowing the Tsarist regime and ultimately resulting in the formation of the U.S.S.R.


World War 2

World War II again was one of the most deadliest conflicts in the history of mankind. More than seventy million people were killed. It also involved the Holocaust and the first use of nuclear weapons.

Space Age & Cold War

Russia had a cold war with America which involved the race for space supremacy. It involved the journey of man on moon, deployment of satellites & missiles, and nuclear technology. It also involved competition in Sports and Olympics with America.

Middle East  (20th Century)

Russia’s interest in oil and keeping America’s hands off from Middle-East has made it to intervene diplomatically and militarily. There have been multiple wars fought in this region to keep the oil resources secure.

Russia Iran Relations

Vietnam, Cuba (20th century)

Russia was involved in Vietnam and Cuba due to the Cold War with America. There was a possible use of nuclear weapons which posed risk to the entire World.


U.S.S.R to Russia

In 1991, U.S.S.R disintegrated into Russia and other countries like Georgia, Ukraine, etc. Gorbachev led  series of reforms to liberalize the Soviet economy which also gave a chance for nationalistic and communist forces to operate. This created enough imbalance in the country which ultimately led to the dissolution of U.S.S.R into Russia.


What’s next for Russia?

Russia* has enough natural talent (artists, sports-persons, scientists) and resources (Oil, Natural Gas, Timber and Metals). However to regain its former glory and go beyond, where no country has gone before, it might just have to do the impossible:

1. Adoption of English as a primary language
2. Liberalization of Economy
3. Reunite Russia and its erstwhile countries like Georgia, Ukraine into U.S.S.R
4. Travel and import culture & technology from other countries

*** Work can only win you admiration, but never affection

* Trivia about Russia

Social Structure Economy Exports Imports Companies
Federal, Semi Presidential Democratic Republic GDP = $1.67 trillion $472 billion $292 billion Gazprom
142 Million People (Ninth Most Populous Country) 8th Largest Economies of the World Oil, Natural Gas, Metals and Timber account for more than 80% of Russian Exports Abroad Rosneft
Unemployment Rate: 6%(2007) TNK-BP
Current Ruling Party: United Russia Party Lukoil
Prime Minister: Vladimir Putin, President – Dmitry Medvedev Novatek

United States Of America – The Most Admired Country in the World

March 14, 2010

United States Of America

How did a country which began its journey a couple of centuries back became the most prolific country in the World? How has it maintained its ‘Superpower’ status for more than a century? Unrivaled? In this blog, we trace the pursuit of Americans to adapt, invent and carve out a niche for their land and most of all, their people. Turn their land into a land of opportunity, for both their citizens as well as throngs of citizens from all over the World-India, China, Russia, Japan and other countries all over the World.

It has also outsourced business,  jobs* across the world. An example, which any country in the world is yet to replicate. Forget surpassing it. Below is a set of chronological set of events in the history of the Worlds most admired country “The United States of ” The United States Of America “.

Native Americans (Till 18th Century)

The Native Americans are the people inhabiting America from the earliest times. They were then overawed by the white people, who migrated from U.K. In the late 18th century, George Washington began a policy of civilizing & assimilation of the Native Americans to prepare them for the citizenship of America.

America’s Independence from England (19th Century)

America fought a war for freedom against England. The American colonies broke free from the British Empire and ultimately gained independence in 1781.

American Revolution:
American Independence War:

American Civil War (19th Century)

The American Civil War was a war which was fought in America for independence of the blacks from slavery. It was started and advocated by the Abraham Lincoln, the President of U.S.A

The Great Depression (20th Century)

The Great Depression was a financial calamity which involved widespread shutdown of business and layoffs of workers in the U.S.A and around the world. It took the US more than a decade to recover from the crisis. However it recovered its confidence and went on to be a superpower.
Some facts about the Great Depression:

  • 13 million people became unemployed. In 1932, 34 million people belonged to families with no regular full-time wage earner.[26]
  • Industrial production fell by nearly 45% between the years 1929 and 1932.
  • In 1933, 25% of all workers and 37% of all nonfarm workers were unemployed.[31]

World War I (20th Century)

World War I was a military conflict which lasted from 1914-1918 and involved most of the World’s greatest powers. More than 15 million people were killed resulting in one of the deadliest conflicts in the history of mankind.

America was initially neutral but joined the Allied forces and went on to defeat Germany.

World War II (20th Century)

World War II again was one of the most deadliest conflicts in the history of mankind. More than seventy million people were killed. It also involved the Holocaust and the first use of nuclear weapons.

America was initially neutral but eventually entered the war after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor.

Space Age and Cold War with Russia (20th Century)

America had a Cold War with Russia which involved the race for space supremacy. It involved the journey of man on moon, deployment of satellites & missiles, and nuclear technology. It involved taking huge risk in setting up technology centers, enabling fundamental research in American universities. This also led to commercialization of technology in the future for the benefit of America and the World as a whole.

Computer Revolution (20th Century)

The Computer was discovered by companies like IBM, HP, Microsoft & Apple first into business. It then went on to be commercialized into homes. Today it is one of the most important gadget in today’s home providing work, entertainment-movies, tv, music, communication-phone, chat and more.

Internet Revolution (20th Century)

The discovery of Internet started as a  network test in the military outfits of America like DARPA. It went on then to be commercialized around America and the world. Internet today has become the defacto standard for communication, socializing and more.

Middle East  (20th Century)

America’s interest in oil made it to intervene diplomatically and militarily in Middle_East. There have been multiple wars fought in this region to keep the oil resources secure.


America & Middle-East:

Vietnam, Cuba (20th century)

America was involved in Vietnam and Cuba due to the Cold War with Russia. There was a possible use of nuclear weapons which posed risk to the entire World.

Vietnam War:

Unrivaled Superpower (20th and 21st Century)

With the defeat of U.S.S.R in the Cold War and disintegration of U.S.S.R into Russia and other countries, America became the sole Superpower around the world. Its military, economic and the status as ‘land of opportunity’ remains unrivaled to present times.

China, India (21st Century)

America has a relationship with countries like China, India both ways. They export American goods as well as business & jobs to these countries. China & India have grown in the shadow of America and are now looking to create affluence for their citizens.

What next?

America is already working towards integrating the World as one place, socially, economically and more. It has a minority leader Barack_Obama as the president. In the past few decades it has launched business products like Apple, Google which are popular worldwide. It is the place with the most porous borders with immigrants from all over the world filling in and doing good for themselves with very favorable environmental conditions.


The Next American Century:,28804,1971133_1971110_1971104-2,00.html

* It has also exported soft values like patience, respect, confidence, humor across the world irrespective of race, color or religion.

*** Trivia about United States of America

Social Structure Economy Exports & Imports Companies
Federal Constitutional Republic & Representative Democracy GDP = $14.4 trillion Third Largest Exporter (Exports per capita are low) Exxon Mobil (Revenues -$450 billion, Profits-$45 billion)
307 million people, Third Most Populous Nation Largest National Economy Canada, China, Mexico, Japan and Germany are its top trading partners Wal-Mart (Revenues – $405 billion, Profits-$13.4 billion)
White Americans, German Americans, Irish Americans, English Americans, African Americans A Quarter of Nominal Global GDP Largest Importer of Goods Chevron (Revenues-$263 billion, Profits-$24 billion)
Current Ruling Party: Democrats A Fifth of Global GDP at purchasing power parity Largest Importer of Oil ConocoPhillips (Revenues-$230 billion, Profits- [-$17billion])
Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton Ranks second in the global competitive report General Electric (Revenues-$183 billion, Profits-$17billion)
Service Sector contributes 67.8% of GDP General Motors (Revenues-$150billion, Profits[-$30billion])
Private Sector: 50%, Public Sector: 50% Ford Motor (Revenues-$146 billion, Profits-[-$15 billion])
AT&T (Revenues-$124 billion, Profits-$13 billion)
HP (Revenues-$118 billion, Profits-$8 billion)
Valero Energy (Revenues-$118 billion, Profits-[-$1 billion)

Germany – The Quest for Excellence

March 10, 2010


(Caution: This might be all theory)

This is a blog all about Germany. Am trying to trace out Germany from its earliest times to the present. I hope to bring forth the soul of Germany, its glory, darkest hours and its quest for excellence. Germany started its ground-breaking philosophy in the 18th century and went nuclear in the 19th and 20the century.

In the 20th century, it redefined war with the world’s most prolific military conflicts involving the world’s greatest powers – the World War 1 and 2. Post 1990’s, it is looking to play a role similar to that of the U.S.A, by increasing its soft power in the World – Unification of East & West Germany, Euro, German language institutes across the world, etc. Below the most important events in the history of Germany are listed (mostly in chronological order)

Philosophy (18th, 19th Century)

Philosophy was given a new vigor by these Germans (Post Dark Ages) after the philosophy of the Greeks like Aristotle, Plato, Socrates (Pre Dark Ages). There were also Indian like Sankara, Valmiki & Vyasa and Chinese philosophers  Confucius (551 BCE-479BCE) in the pre-dark ages who made a mark.

Immanuel Kant (1724-1804)
(The guy who dwelved deep into the matters of mind)

Immanuel Kant was “the philosopher” whose work still influences metaphysics, ethics, law and history. He analyzed reason itself and came out with one of the most important derivations for us – “Mind can only think in terms of causality”. Hence we can never conclude whether the world always existed or had a cause. His reasoning went all the way.

A few thoughts about their personal life and their environment:
* Ok Personal Life
* Good Environment

Some other famous German philosophers during his time : Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 to 1900: Seldom has a man paid so great a price for genius), Schopenhauer ( 1788- 1860: The man with the Instinct:  The World as a Will and Representation). There were other philosophers like Voltaire (France), Spinoza (Israel) who changed the shape of philosophy.

Immanuel Kant –
Nietzsche –
Schopenhauer –

Nuclear Revolution (19th, 20th Century)

Scientist like Albert Einstein, Max Planck, Erwin Schrondinger studied the basic laws of small particles and came  out with laws which govern them. This helped in heralding the nuclear revolution & technology which brought about changes in which energy is created. They changed our preconceived notion about how particles and bodies behave when they are extremely small. They become waves. And hence their properties are very different from what we commonly expect the world around us to behave.

Albert Einstein –
Max Planck –
Erwin Schrodinger –

Invention of Automobile (19th, 20th Century)

German engineer Karl Benz(1844-1929), inventor of numerous car-related technologies is generally regarded as the inventor of the modern automobile.

The Automobile:
Karl Benz:

World War 1 (20th Century)

World War 1 was a military conflict which lasted from 1914-1918 and involved most of the World’s greatest powers. More than 15 million people were killed resulting in one of the deadliest conflicts in the history of mankind.

World War 2 (20th Century)

World War 2 again was one of the most deadliest conflicts in the history of mankind. More than seventy million people were killed. It also involved the Holocaust and the first use of nuclear weapons.

World War 2 –

Adolf Hitler was one of the foremost personalities who influenced this war.

Adolf Hitler-

Unification of West & East Germany (20th Century)

East & West Germany were united in the 1990’s to form the Germany as we know today after the fall of Berlin Wall.

Germany & Europe (21st Century)

Germany also integrated its economy with Europe. It gave up its Deutsche Mark and accepted Euro (2001-02).

German Language & The World

Germany is promoting the learning of German language around the world by setting up Goethe Learning centers.

German Language Study in India : MMB

Current & Future Germany

Germany* is the Europe’s star with an history of excellence. Can it find its ‘Soul’ again and take Europe and the World to another peak?

Europe’s engine-Germany:
Germany: Older & Wiser:

* Trivia about Germany

Social Structure Economy Exports & Imports Companies
Federal, Parliamentary, Reprsentative Democratic Republic GDP = $2.91 trillion Largest Exporter ($1.133 trillion in 2006) Daimler
82 Million People Fourth Largest National Economy by Nominal GDP Second Largest Importer of Goods Volkswagen
High Standard of Living, Comprehensive system of Social Security Allianz
Politics:Angela Merkel, Horst Köhler Fifth Largest in Purchasing Power Parity Siemens
They spent more money on travel than any other country Deutsche Bank
Deutsche Post
Deutsche Telekom

Women (Blast from the Past)

March 9, 2010


I have read much history and as i contemplate, i am convinced even more that men have to payback a lot (huge) to women. In the past centuries and now too, men have committed so many crimes against women that it has to all come back to men.

Women have been raped, tortured, physically abused and more. The best way out of this for men is to give the right of way to women in every thing they do. Little things like treating them well and not as sex objects, educating women, helping them in their work life, and more. Love, peace, non violence are the right things for every man to follow.

The sooner we understand and act on it, the better. I’ll keep this note short, and get started on this as soon as possible. As my younger sis has suggested, action speaks louder than words.

Caution: This is all theory

Israel – Against all Odds

March 7, 2010


It is common knowledge that if you have to maintain a community, you have to sacrifice individuality and hence innovation. So, can a community ever stick together and still maintain individuality & innovation for a long period of time? Can a community produce great leaders as well as stay together against all odds? How can two opposite things – community and innovation be kept together for a long period of time? Impossible right? Think Again.

The Land of Israel has been sacred to the Jewish people from Biblical times. There have been lot of leaders who have led Israel and the World.

Moses: Moses is the important prophet in Judaism, and is also considered an important prophet by Christianity, Islam, the Bahai faith, Rastafari, and many other faiths

Jesus: Jesus is a central figure of ChristianityIslam also considers him a prophet and a Messiah.

Spinoza: Spinoza was a Dutch philosopher of Portuguese Jewish origin.

Albert Einstein: Albert Einstein is regarded as one of the most influential scientist of all time.

Abraham: Judaism, Islam and Christianity are sometimes referred to as “Abraham religions” because of the progenitor role that Abraham plays in their holy books.

Freud: Sigmund Freud was a JewishAustrian neurologist who founded the psychoanalytic school of psychiatry.

Israel is currently surrounded by a volatile neighborhood with countries like Lebanon in the North, Syria in the northeast, Jordan in the east, and Egypt on the southwest. It is also in close proximity of Iraq and Iran.

With challenges from all sides, it is imperative for Israeli’s to innovate and are known for their discipline and expertise in technology. Some of its best upcoming technology companies are as follows:

TuneWiki: Music Player for Mobile

Fring: Free VOIP and IM on Cell

Mecanto: Music Service on the Mobile

Retalika: Mobile content for retail department stores

TelMap: Mobile Navigation

Mobixell: Social Media Gateway provides a mobile Internet experience for social network users

Communitake: Customer Service Assistant for SmartPhones

Waze: Navigation on the road

Perfecto Mobile: Low cost, virtual tool for testing applications with Web and video tools

WorldMate: Travel on Mobile, Web

Israel is an exemplary example of maintaining the perfect balance of personal and work life together from their inception to the present time. There have been examples like Munich, where they have gone far & wide to protect their community.

* “Hello” is “Shalom” in Hebrew language

** The list of upcoming Israeli companies are borrowed from the following link:

*** Israel has the same population with one-fifteenth the area size as that of Maharashtra, India

**** Google is an American Search Engine company founded by Larry Page, Sergey Brin of RussianJewish origin

Caution: This might be all theory