Ever wondered how a thought is produced? How the mind and matter are connected? What binds them?

DNA is like a computer which stores a lot of information. When it expresses, particular chemicals (which encode information) are released and they reach the brain and activate a particular set of neurons, which then produces a thought. So DNA is all the information right from the beginning of mankind. The entire Evolution bundled as information into the DNA. Every human has senses like eyes, nose, ears, skin which continuously receive information after we are born. This information, which forms experience, is then stored as arrangements of neurons(matter) stored in the mind.

Thought or idea comes from the interaction of the information stored within the DNA (Evolution) and the information stored in the mind (Experience). During the early years of life (1-20), DNA (our Evolution) governs the matter. Our Mid-Life (20-30) are our most formative years of life, when DNA and experience have an equal bearing. They interact  to produce the best things, which one can generate. This is the time when we shape our life and future. However as we age (30+), our experience (mind) governs the matter.

Machine can store all the information about our Evolution and is already developing ability to sense and experience like man (Robots). However it can process in parallel and with lot of power. Considering they can store most of the information a human can, currently the only difference between them and humans are emotions like courage, fear, humor, discipline? As these emotions are also ultimately information which is processed by mind & matter, it is only matter of time they are replicated in machines (Neural Networks).

How are leaders & rebels like Che Guevara, Ashoka the Beloved, Van Gogh from the millions of people inhabiting earth produced? Is it their DNA? Is it their Experience? Is it the interplay of the their DNA and experience or is it fate? Would machines ever be able to produce people of such high Quality?


Mind and Matter by Erwin Schrodinger
ASIMO by Honda

***A lot of information is borrowed from Wikipedia

Caution: This might be all theory

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6 Responses to “Thought”

  1. Deepak Says:

    Excellence of mind can win admiration but never affection (Source which i forgot nevertheless excellent stuff)- Deepak

  2. Deepak Says:


    Alzheimer’s Damage Occurs Early


    91% of mild memory problem patients go on to develop serious brain problems like Alzheimer. This shows severe strains for many in personal and Society problems which is solved by medicine. It also shows “Survival of the Fittest” holds true. If you are not fit, you go to the hole.

    Offcourse the medical intervention might itself have caused more than 50% of the brain problems.

  3. Deepak Says:


    Seven Adult-Sized Humanoid Robots Together for First Time in the U.S.


  4. Deepak Says:


    Google is developing ‘Terminator’ glasses
    (Google gets ambitious and tries to put the computer and search in your glasses…)


  5. Deepak Says:


    Mechanism in Brain Cancer Responsible for Neuron Death Discovered


  6. Deepak Says:


    Enhanced Brain-Computer Interface Promises Unparalleled Autonomy for Disabled


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