Bal Thackeray and Mumbai

Bal Thackeray and Mumbai 

This blog is about Bal Thackeray, a political activist and feared by many as a DON of Mumbai .

About Bal Thackeray

Bal Thackeray born on January 23, 1926 is the leader of one of the political parties in Maharashtra, India. He started of his career as a media guy. It is strange to think that his Dad was against caste biases considering his current profile & activities.

His Party

His party is a far right-wing party majorly having a pro-Marathi agenda and hostile against most of the immigrants. The party is also involved in a lot of illegal activities like riots, business scandals, etc.

About Mumbai

Mumbai is the multi-cultural financial hub of India. It has several industries and is home to some of the world’s richest people. Please find below a link to the city and some key economic highlights of the city.

5% of GDP of India
25% of Industry Output
40% of Maritime Output
70% of Capital Transactions of India
40% of India’s Foreign Trade

Textile, Seaport, Information Technology, Banking, Health-care, Publishing, Diamonds

14 Million People
The religions represented in Mumbai include Hindus (67.39%), Muslims (18.56%), Buddhists (5.22%), Jains (3.99%), Christians (3.72%), Sikhs (0.58%), with Parsis and Jews making up the rest of the population.[231] The linguistic/ethnic demographics are: Maharashtrians (51%), Gujaratis (20%), North Indians (21%) [5] and South Indians making up the rest.[232]


In an increasingly globalized world, any global center would have people of diverse backgrounds, skills, race, religion, caste. So is the case with Mumbai. Bal Thackeray, himself being a Maharashtrian, is favorable to the Maharashtrians and hostile to immigrants. This is detrimental to the growth and sustenance of Mumbai as one of the foremost cities in the World.


50% Population of Mumbai are immigrants and they run most of the industry and business in the city from which jobs are being created. Considering Mr. Thackeray’s hostility towards immigrants, it is highly unlikely that they would vote for him. Out of the remaining 50% who are Maharashtrians, a lot of them have seen his failed attempts to create industry, jobs. Although once in a while they may empathize with his communal rhetoric, but they would eventually align themselves with leaders ( a lot of them with people belonging to opposition parties) who can create minimum roadblocks for industries and employment.

Country & State Elections: The party lost both the country and state elections to the CongressNCP Party recently in 2009. But it still commands considerable power in the state and the city Mumbai.

Hindu Muslim Riots

There is increasing evidence that Bal Thackeray and his party played a key role in the HinduMuslim Riots.


Enron was one of the largest companies of USA which had made a significant foreign investment in the state (Ratnagiri, Anjanwel) & country. Instead of capitalizing on attracting more foreign investments into the state, Bal Thackeray was against foreign investment. This led to a poor image of the state and the country abroad leading to a dismayed performance of the city and state as compared to some of the other global cities & states around the world. Due to political controversy, the operations of the power station-biggest foreign investment in India was stopped on several occasions. Critics blame both Gandhi’s Congress Party – which governed India at the time it invited Enron to Maharashtra in 1992 – as well as the states main opposition party, the Hindu nationalist Shiv Sena.

Some Key Dates:
1996 – Stopped Construction
1997 – Construction Restarted
1999 – First Phase went Online
2001 – Production and Construction stopped – 2001
2006 – Ratnagiri Gas and Power took over the Power Station

His interference in Cultural-Sports Activities like Bollywood, Sports

Bal Thackeray has been funny with Bollywood a number of times. There have been instances of activities like stopping movie release dates due to anti-religious sentiments, threatening movie stars.

Some recent incidents:
16th November, 2009 – Mumbai belongs to India

Sat, Feb 06, 2010 – My Name is Khan is being threatened –

Comparison with other Parties in the State

NCPNCP led by Sharad Pawar has been involved in interference with Industry, harboring criminals and scams.
CongressCongress is a national party in India and won a majority along with NCP in Maharashtra. Congress has had a history of many scams to its name along with harboring criminals.
MNSMNS is a breakaway fraction of Shiv Sena but maintains a similar ideology as that of Shiv Sena. There have been instances of skirmishes between the two parties though.
The Future of India and Bal Thackeray

To the Common Man: The Common Man lives in fear of him. Fear of being isolated if one expresses views against him.

To the Society & Culture: The society is being increasing fractured because of his anti-immigrant & Maharashtrian only stance.

To Industry: His dilly-dollying on key Industrial projects in the past has diverted foreign investments to other states and countries. It has also battered the state and country’s image.

# All data in this blog  are either my assumptions or from Wikipedia or Google
* Bal Thackeray: A Person with immense talent but it might have led to large scale loss of life and property

CAUTIONThis might be all theory

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