Our Schools

Our Schools

As I spent more time with myself and people around me from my country and others, I am getting ever-increasingly convinced that to solve major problems (poverty, illness, quality of life & work, etc) in our country, we need a major overhaul in our education system. Young people spend majority of their early life in schools, college where their outlook towards Life and Work is or can be molded (It is difficult to change genetic habits at home).

In developing countries like India, students spend more time in classrooms and rote-learning.This can only teach and lead them to a limited dimensional life and a day-to-day warning’s work.

Analogy for Life – One question will probably be enough. How many path breaking leaders, artist, sportsmen, innovators are we creating?

Analogy for Work – Its something like teaching a person to fish. However the person is never taught how to invent and produce the tools to fish. So the person does fishing with the tools provided and lives on. However in an ever changing world, as the tools & technology changes, the person is rendered without skill or work soon.

So the question then arises, how is it best to improve this situation. It would be difficult to have so many people thinking on these lines by just telling them. It needs to get imbibed and takes time to gestate. However there are some measures which can be taken at a national level & scale which will help us to walk on this path. This will decrease the time to make our country a developed country from a developing one. From centuries to probably decades.

Some of the things which can be done are :

– Study timings should be reduced by at least a few hours everyday [8a.m. to12p.m. – Study. 1 p.m. to 5 p.m – Play]

– Traveling to areas which are affluent as well as underprivileged to give them the entire spectrum of Life.

Social Service in underprivileged area. People from cities need to spend some time in small towns, villages. People from small towns need to spend some time in villages. People in villages should spend some time in forest and so on. Similarly people from developed countries should spend some of their time in developing countries.

– Quality of curriculum and books can be worked on and improved.

– Student Exchange Program should be implemented and encouraged.

CautionThis might be all theory

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15 Responses to “Our Schools”

  1. Deepak Says:

    International School Education

  2. Deepak Says:

    What do we do with our Education System?

    1. Radical-Maximum Effect: Shut our schools, colleges for a year and reform everything about them – syllabus, books, teachers, timings, choice
    2. Slow change – How do we ensure this? Beauracracy?
    3. The companies stop asking for education Mebbe they should look at aptitude, General Skills? Specialization?
    4. Should children in India be kicked out of the house at an early age to let them be on their own (Reason – It is difficult to change genetic habits at home or learn anything at home. Since whatever is taught by the family is already built into the genes. Whatever we learn at home is a revision of whatever we have in our genes. If we have to innovate in our work, we need to be on our own at an early age rather than pile on to our parents)

  3. Deepak Says:


  4. Deepak Says:

    Immanuel Kant

    Education does not make a man good; it only makes him clever-usually for mischief. Instinct and feeling are more trustworthy than reason.

  5. Deepak Says:

    Is our population problem and poverty really because of our education system? Or is it because of our greed? Is education really required? Can education teach a man not to be greedy? Do schools or college teach people not to be greedy?

  6. Deepak Says:

    The Test in Our Schools

  7. Deepak Says:

    I was hardly ever taught anything by my Family. Hence I was free to paint anything on this World canvas, as I like. This has been the greatest gift my family has given to me and I am grateful to them for the same-Deepak

  8. Deepak Says:

    Numbers and More:

  9. americanbeat.us Says:

    One of your most recent blog entries yo say you were hardly taught anything by family members . Your mind is free to discover the knowledge that you will store for your frame of reference. Provided that information that you pick up on your journey , experiences expressed on your path of life , that are valid to your life, circumstances said information will stay with you as valid reference. You must have been a very curious child as to not have a mentor in your family pointing the path of newfound education as you developed into the person that you are always changing and growing .
    Running Horse

    • Deepak Says:

      I am sorry if i did put it incorrectly and for the late reply. My family gave me maximum freedom and in doing so, they had to suffer a lot of pain . It also takes a lot of courage in letting a child do what she or he wants to do. I am blessed in the life i lead.

      A best Mentor is letting the disciple do what she or he likes and then if the disciple comes back with any problem, then discuss with her or him.

      I had a Mentor, but I never went back with my problems (most of the time).


  10. Deepak Says:

    The children in the West leave their parental homes at a very early age. Is that the reason , the West breeds more talent than the East (where children cuddle with their family life-long)?-Deepak

  11. Deepak Says:


    Children in Schools (1-10 standard) should be allowed to develop a single hobby. Any hobby of their liking.

    Then in college (10-15) should be allowed to churn the hobby into a talent.

    And finally practice the talent into work from there onwards.

    The World would be a better place.


  12. Deepak Says:

    In Cities like Mumbai (specially in the rich areas), there is more participation of children in sports. Even girls are taking to the ground. This is a very encouraging sign.

  13. Deepak Says:


    My school, B.P.M prepared me for the Society outside. It allowed me to peek into the quality of life and people around, besides giving me a handful of books to strengthen my back


  14. The Story of the ‘Youth of India’ and the “Ticket to West’:Part I (The Indian View) « Love and Fearless Says:

    […] The education of India has always been of copying and mugging. And not that of self-reliance and innovation. Hence there are institutes which train you in basic English language and some technical jargon and arrange you to be transported to cities, where body shopping companies, IT companies and BPO pick and groom for mundane daily work and not that of innovation. Most of them end up in dark places of the cities working more than 18 hours and with odd timings. […]

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