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Race, Religion, Caste & Colour

July 29, 2009

Race, Religion, Caste & Colour

Were human beings originally born with a particular race, religion and caste? How did we partition ourlselves into so many different race, religion, caste or colour? When we look, approach or talk to someone, is it the first thought of ours that – which race, religion, colour or caste does she or he belongs to?

If not, then what do we think of when we have to talk to anyone? What is she or he thinking off? Will i have a good time when i am with that person? What can that person do for me? What are that person’s talents? Will the person be able to take me away from my daily routine in whatever little time i spend with she or he? Can the person make me laugh? Can the person make me feel good? What is the person made up of?

There could be many such questions but the most important question is what is the first thought which comes to your mind? This would be the basis for any looooong lasting relationship. I guess then all the rest of the questions & thoughts will follow any which ways. And this would transcend in all the spheres of one’s life – personal, business.


Mississippi Burning (American fight against racism)

CAUTIONThis might be all theory

Swimming and Me

July 29, 2009

Swimming and Me

This is a personal account of my tryst with Swimming from a Beginner without a Mentor (Well almost, I took a lot of advice from my overall mentor, Phelps on-line & swimming instructors in Pune) and perhaps acquiring a little bit of perfection in this art. It is mostly for beginners, toddlers and mid-life people who are looking to regain expertise in a new hobby or trade.

Swimming Butterfly requires Stamina, Style, Synchronization of the Mind & Body, Grace. For me it required the Heart most of all. As I was always scared of getting into a pool of water (only because of the depth, shallow pools were fine) and with my age & fiercely independent mind (I wanted to learn it on my own), it was difficult to learn the art of swimming butterfly.

However once the heart was firmed up, swimming came naturally to me. I started loving it. The water started tickling my body. Most of all, I started enjoying swimming when the water was ice-cold. It gave me a high. I started feeling like a fish inside the water. In fact I started loving it so much, I wanted to stay under water most of the time. (The only other personal hobby to do was to fly like a bird – not in a aeroplane or any other external support). Just Fly. But I found that was difficult. At the most I could jump in the air. Ok. Enough of flying. Back to Swimming.

Have worked mostly on the butterfly style. Am not sure what to improve on. Need to find out. The other things to work on butterfly is the speed and stamina. Both of these come with practice. So need to work on the other swimming strokes: freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke. Also am thinking of trying out a new stroke: the reverse butterfly (butterfly). Have to think of a name for it too.

Some of the Best Performing Swimming Athletes of All Time

Ian Thorpe from Australia swims freestyle very well. In total, Ian Thorpe has won 11 World Championship Golds, the second highest number of any swimmer.

Michael Phelps from U.S.A has won 14 Olympic Golds and is often considered as the greatest swimmer and greatest Olympian of all time.

Most of the data from Wikipedia

P.S: I took the help of couple of swimmers from my last company, Infosys, and also from Michael Phelps. Facilities were provided by Infosys, Karia, Gold’s Gym & Deccan Gymkhanna

CautionThis might be all theory